Trapped With Them (5SOS Fanfiction)

Annalee Thorley is your stereotypical normal sixteen year old teenager; into bands, has goodness knows how many clothes and prefers to live life with her earphones in. But when she finds she is locked in school with no way to escape and four pretty irresistible boys, what will happen?


10. Chapter Ten

*** Anna’s POV ***

What is happening? I see only darkness. I can’t see any shapes or people, just black. I can hear someone humming near me. Shit have i been kidnapped? What even happened? I was thinking about how i hadn’t realised they were a famous band who i had listened to before. Then i felt dizzy and my vision went funny. Then i remember falling but not hitting the stage floor. I don’t remember anything else after that though. So i haven’t been kidnapped! Thats a relief.

I feel so comfy right now, do I really want to open my eyes? I can feel theres something supporting me and … i think I’m sitting on something. I decided to slowly open my eyes.

I was lying on a really old looking sofa. My legs weren’t all that comfy but it was definitely better than lying on the floor. I Still didn’t know what was supporting me until i looked up. “Mikey!” I whispered excitedly hugging him. “Hey you alright?” he said, playing with my hair and hugging me back with his other arm. "I am now" I said burying my head into him. We sat there for a few minutes before getting up. I slowly got onto my feet.

"I didn't realise how famous you are" I said as we both started walking towards the stage. "Really? You haven't heard our songs being played on the radio?" He questioned. I have heard them countless times on the radio and secretly sang along. "I have and I love them but I guess it never really clicked" I said as Mikey grabbed hold of my hand. He pulled me towards him until our chests were nearly touching. "What will the fans say about me?" I whispered as I wondered. I felt a warmth near my ear. "I don't care what they think, I love you" he whispered. I looked up at him and into his green eyes. He started to bend down a bit because I am a midget. I went up onto my toes.

A few moments later our lips were touching and we were kissing. It lasted for about ten seconds before I fell back onto my feet. I wrapped my arms around his waist and he hugged back.

"Come on let's go to the stage, piggy back style" he said in a tone of voice which made me giggle. "I know my legs are short but we can walk" I said still giggling. "Yeah I know but right now I think you're so hot that you might melt the stage" he said fairly quietly with a shy smile on his adorable face. I blushed and smiled. "Fine, piggy back it is then" I gave in still giggling when I jumped onto his back. He ran towards the stage.

When we reached the stage I gently got down and back to the floor. Everything looked amazing! There were massive lights on the ceiling which looked ready for a party. Each speaker looked about the size of a motorbike. My first ever concert I was attending looked like it was going to be amazing!

Luke came running over. "Michael you need to finish setting your equipment up" he said and Mikey walked off to do so. "You alright Anna?" He asked in a friendly way. "Yeah I'm alright but I don't remember hitting the floor and thankfully I don't have a headache" I said smiling. "Good job I saw it coming, caught you and put you on the sofa with Michael then isn't it?" Luke said smiling and walking away. I ran up behind him and took him by suprise with a friendly hug. "Thanks" I said as I let him go.

Luke and the others started their sound check. They chose to play Long Way Home. It was quite a calming and relaxing song. I chose to sit down on the stage.

So we're taking the long way home,

Cause I don't wanna be wasting my time alone

I wanna get lost and drive forever with you

Talking about nothing yeah whatever baby

So we're taking the long way home


"Well that sounded amazing" I said, scrambling onto my feet. I walked over to them as they finished preparing their instruments.

A tall and muscly security guard came up to the stage. "5 Seconds of Summer, you have ten minutes until we have to let the audience in" he said giving me a funny look. "Alright thanks" Calum answered with. "What is that girl doing here? Do you need me to remove her?" He said starting to walk towards me. I started to run towards him aggressively but Mikey held me back. "Nope she is with us" Ashton said laughing at me. "She is my, apparently slightly aggressive, girlfriend" Mikey said still having a small difficulty holding me back.

I began to relax as the security guard stepped back a few steps. Mikey made a sigh of relief and walked up close behind me. He wrapped his arms around my waist and swayed me slowly from side to side. "You calm now?" He whispered in my ear and kissed my cheek. "Yeah I'm fine now" I said enjoying the moment. "Good" he said still hugging me.

The security guard came back over. He gave me an all access pass so that I wouldn't get removed from the building by any other security guard. I finally fully relaxed as I put the pass over my neck. "Time to go backstage! We're about to let your fans in!" The security guard called back as he walked towards the main entrance. "Guess we're going backstage then" Ashton said climbing down from his drum kit.

We all walked backstage. Luke and calum sat on the sofa I was previously laying on, and put Fifa into their Xbox. Ashton sat next to them but played on his phone instead of joining in. We both shared the same opinion of football;the sport is boring and rubbish. Michael disappeared for a hour before coming back with a present in his hands. It was wrapped in paper with adorable little kittens on, all held together by a thin blue ribbon which was tied neatly into a bow shape. He walked over to me with a shy but confident smile on his adorable face. "I got this for you" he said carefully handing me the present. "Aw thanks" I said smiling happily. "You haven't even opened it yet" he said as I started undoing the ribbon. "Yeah but I hardly ever get presents by surprise and with such amazing wrapping paper" I said as I carefully ripped the wrapping paper.

I pulled the item out of the package. Michael's small shy smile turned into a massive grin. My surprise was a baby blue coloured hoodie with writing on the back and front. On both sides was written "you can call me Mrs Clifford" written in a fancy font. I smiled and let out a small giggle. "I kind of just had to guess the size and hope for the best" he said smiling whilst I put it on. "It fits perfectly" I said hugging myself in it. I hugged Mikey and thanked him.

Mikey pulled a permanent marker out of his pocket. "Now its time to personalise it!" He called out excitedly whilst i had a confused look on my face. Before I could ask what he meant, he was scribbling over me. A few minutes later he had finished. On one arm there was "SHE MINE BITCHEZZZ", on my belly was "LITERALLY!" And on the back was his massive signature.

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