Trapped With Them (5SOS Fanfiction)

Annalee Thorley is your stereotypical normal sixteen year old teenager; into bands, has goodness knows how many clothes and prefers to live life with her earphones in. But when she finds she is locked in school with no way to escape and four pretty irresistible boys, what will happen?


9. Chapter Nine

A/N::  Slightly better chapter? (i think?) But anyway, here it is!

Minutes in this car felt a lot longer than they should have. Mikey was driving because i had not yet gained my licence. The worst mistake i had ever made was letting him drive. He seems to be one that has the need for speed. I’m pretty sure he was way over the limit. I constantly had to check that i had my seatbelt on, and kept tightening it up. My mum’s car isn’t exactly a race car; It's way too old for that. Yet Mikey seemed to believe it was, swerving in and out of cars at high speed.


“Are you sure you're not over the speed limit?” I asked nervously, holding onto the handle tightly. “Nope I don’t have a clue” he admitted driving at the same speed. I paused for a few moments. “You have a driver's licence, right?” I asked slowly with my nerves building. “No not quite” he answered as if it was legal to drive without being licensed.


About half an hour we arrived at the concert venue. Luckily, we had not seen a single police car. At the speed Mikey was going at, we managed to arrive five minutes before rehearsals were due to start. He grabbed his guitar out of the boot and we walked hand in hand over to the backstage door.


Luke, Calum and Ashton were sitting with their instruments looking really bored. We walked in and they removed themselves from their daydreams. They stood up from the boxes they were sitting on. “You took your time!” Calum said as we walked over to them. “He was driving over the limit” I said in Mikey’s defence. “Yeah” he said slowly and admittingly. “Next time I’m driving” I said sitting down on one of the large crates backstage. “You okay with driving a mini bus with four drunk boys?” Ashton said with a slight giggle. “Yeah I’m fine with it” I replied smiling. Well, looks like I’m not gonna be getting drunk at this party. Guess i would rather be sane if i am driving than a drunk idiot.


“Shouldn’t you all be setting up and rehearsing?” I questioned as the boys looked between each other. They all walked towards the stage and Ashton started setting up his drums. I followed them out onto the stage and stood awestruck. The stage was massive - bigger than our local McDonalds! (and that's saying something!) I looked out towards where the audience would be. Wow. They must have been at least three thousand seats as well as two standing areas and a balcony.


“How many people are coming tonight?” I asked Luke as i continued to wander around the stage with wide eyes. “We sold this whole place out” he replied with a proud smile growing on his face. “So three thousand and four hundred people are coming tonight!” Ashton called out, still setting up his drums. On the front of the drums said “5 Seconds Of Summer” with a black tally logo. Hang on. 5 Seconds Of Summer? 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER?!? Fuck! How did i not realise it was them? How stupid do I get? IDIOT! They are pretty damn famous and i like them and didn’t manage to recognise them? I’m even DATING one of them and i didn’t even realise. Oh my, i think i need a sit down.


*** Luke’s POV ***


I continued setting up the speakers and tuning my guitar. I still had to sort out my microphone and the stand but I can sort that out after. Ashton was still sorting out his drums and God knows where Michael and Calum had disappeared to. I’m hoping they aren’t taking a nap as it will take forever for me and Ashton to set up the rest of the equipment otherwise. However, I wouldn’t mind them ordering a pizza right now, I’m getting hungry.


I looked over at Anna. She didn’t seem like her normal perky self. Okay okay i can’t really say that because i have only really got to know her for what, two days? But she seemed more pale than she did earlier. Her eyes were wide and she was standing still.


“You alright Anna?” I called out from next to the speaker. She didn’t answer me. I started walking over to where she was standing. “Hello” I  said dragging out the ‘o’ sound. Her eyelids started to shut and she started falling backwards. I ran towards her. This is definitely not the sort of thing that is meant to happen when setting up the stage! I just about managed to catch her in my arms and slow down her fall. I gently let her down to the floor. I put her arm around my neck and slowly picked her up again bridal style. Ashton came running over and we both went in search of Michael.


We walked backstage, being careful not to hit her head on anything. I couldn’t see Michael and I didn’t have a clue where he would be. Ashton went in search of him and he soon came running over.


“What the fuck happened?” Michael shouted. “She passed out and i caught her, you’re welcome!” I said in a raised voice. “Where should I put her?” I asked looking around for a suitable place. “That sofa isn’t exactly the most comfortable” Michael said before continuing with “But I’ll keep her comfy” he said sitting down on one end of the sofa. I laid her down on the sofa. Michael was supporting her back and holding her upright whilst her legs laid on the sofa.

“I have to go and carry on setting up now, you alright?” I said slowly backing away. “Yeah its fine” Michael said in a sad tone of voice. “I’ll set up your stuff too” I called out, hearing a loud “thanks” as I walked away.

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