Trapped With Them (5SOS Fanfiction)

Annalee Thorley is your stereotypical normal sixteen year old teenager; into bands, has goodness knows how many clothes and prefers to live life with her earphones in. But when she finds she is locked in school with no way to escape and four pretty irresistible boys, what will happen?


5. Chapter Five

“You can put me down now” I said smiling and giggling. “No I can’t! i don’t want to!” Mikey said, looking at me and then around the room. Calum rolled his eyes. “Stop flirting and come get ready” Luke said, dragging a large baby blue bean bag over to me. Mikey gently put me down on the bean bag and i got comfy.


They all prepared themselves to play. They decided on what songs they wanted to practise, and i was sure i had heard all the names before. The first song was called Daylight. I just could not remember where the hell i had heard that song before. The first verse was just so amazing and catchy, i just had to get up and start dancing, its not like we’re gonna get out of here yet anyway!


I can't look at you in the same light

Knowing what you did in my heart doesn't feel right

Yeah, my head's been tripping all night

I need another point of view

I got a friend who's committed to sci-fi

He's read every comic he's addicted to Twilight

He'll give you the Goosebumps, but he's never lead me wrong

He said, she's got a method of killing

Pulling you in like you're gonna start kissing

Fooling around until you've lost all feeling

Sucking your blood until your heart stops beating


My long black hair flew everywhere. Well, there goes all that straightening earlier! Oh well. I’m not sure why but wearing black ripped jeans just makes it so much easier to dance. I danced for the rest of the song, and sat back down again. After all that had happened within the last few hours i was too tired to dance anymore. I clapped after every song they played. The last song they played was called “superhero”.


He said tonight I'm superhero

Watch me fly I'll never get low

And I won't come down again

(No no no)

Tonight I'm superhero

I'm about to lose my halo

I wanna do it again


Their song got interrupted suddenly. I could hear footsteps walking down the art corridor. Goodness knows how i could hear that when i had a brilliant band playing in front of me. The footsteps got louder, and i stood up. Or at least i tried to, getting up when you have been sitting on a bean bag for two hours is hard! They decided to continue playing but lowered the sound a little.



I walked over to the dark blue door and looked through the window. I couldn’t see anyone although the footsteps continued to grow louder. I stayed there on the lookout, until i saw someones foot.

I ran back inside the music studio. “Guys there's someone outside and I have never seen them before” i said, getting comfy back in my bean bag. The boys looked at each other blankly as we saw the door open.


A/N:: Hi guys :) Sorry this chapter was a bit boring :( It will get better i promise :P I'm so shocked - before i went to bed last night this story had 95 views. I thought it might reach 100 by the time i got up but i decided not to keep my hopes up. However, not only did it reach my 100 target ... I thought my eyes deceived me when i saw there was 134 views :O THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH <3 The next chapter should be a bit more exciting - and longer! xx

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