Bullied by matthew

Alexis Moore Is a high school student who isn't one for talking. She is a quiet girl and keeps mostly to herself. As soon as the new boy in school arrives and becomes the popular everyday 'jock'. Matthew the new boy loses in a bet with a few friends and is forced to make Alexis life worse then it already is. What happens when Matthew lies but actually develops feelings for Alexis?


3. Chapter 3

I was sleeping until I heard something shatter. The front door? A window? A glass? My heart was beating furiously and my first instinct was to get up and run to Matthew. I ran into the guest bedroom across the hall and ran into Matthews arms. "Whats wrong babygirl?" he asks sleepily but concerned. "Th-there is someone in the h-house.." I looked at him with scared eyes and bit my bottom lip holding back my tears. Matthew looked at me then to the door and walked me to the bed. "Stay here I will go check it out ok?" I just nodded my head. He kissed the top of my head and hugged me one last time before walking out of the room and shutting the door. I heard yelling and then a gun shot. A gun shot....MATTHEW! I ran downstairs to see Matthew,the kid I had only met a day ago holding his stomach as blood seeped through his fingers. "MATT!" I screamed and run to him but before I can reach him I am pulled back by two strong tall figures. "GET OFF OF ME!" I scream and thrash my body trying to get loose of their grip. They both chuckled and through me against the wall. I swear I heard my spine crack in half. I layed there on the ground my body to limp to move. I tried to crawl to the kitchen and grab a knife but we all know a knife has no power over a gun. My eyes began to close then flutter back open then close. This process continued for a while until it was all black. "Alexis..." what the hell? "Wake up..come on!"

My body flew up and my heart was beating rapidly. It was all a dream. I looked up to see Matthew looking down at me worried. I almost started crying again and I tackled him into a hug. He gasped surprised by my actions but quickly wrapped his arms around me and laid his head in the crook of my neck. I felt comfortable for once in a long long time. "Are you okay? What happened? Do you want me to stay? can I-" I pulled his face to mine and connected our lips. I was equally surprised as him but he instantly relaxed and closed his eyes kissing back. I pulled a way and smiled shyly. "I am okay" He smiled and nodded hugging me close again. His breathing slowed signaling he had fallen asleep. I smiled and curled up under him completely fine with the fact he was sleeping next to me. I closed my eyes and fell asleep to the melodic sound of his heart beating. 


A/N: Do any of you actually like this story? I really enjoy writing it but do any of you enjoy reading it?

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