Bullied by matthew

Alexis Moore Is a high school student who isn't one for talking. She is a quiet girl and keeps mostly to herself. As soon as the new boy in school arrives and becomes the popular everyday 'jock'. Matthew the new boy loses in a bet with a few friends and is forced to make Alexis life worse then it already is. What happens when Matthew lies but actually develops feelings for Alexis?


2. Chapter 2

The rest of the day went by fast. A few whistles in the hallways by hormonal jocks and evil glares from there girlfriends. But those things were the least of my concerns at the moment. I couldn't get my mind off of that new guy hanging out with Nash and the others. As the last bell rang I picked up my stuff and rushed out of the classroom to get out to my car before the boys cornered me again. But like always the boys were sitting on my car waiting for me. "Nice of you to join us Alexis." That was Nash and what he said set me off. "Sorry Hamilton, but who is this Alexis girl you speak of? Your new prostitute? Sorry I only know of a Lexa." I barked back already annoyed with him. The boys all stared wide eyed and I heard the newer blonde boy chuckle then he burst out laughing. He started to clench his stomach from laughing so hard. I watched him and immediately started to smile. "Matthew will you shut up?!" Cameron yelled and the new guy...or Matthew immediately stopped laughing. I stared at all of them my hands on my hips. I was unexpectedly pulled to Nash's chest and he whispered in my ear only something we could hear. "Come to my house at 10:00 don't be late...please." A feeling of excitement and confusion twisted somewhere deep inside me and all i could do was nod back at him. He smiled and kissed my bare shoulder causing goosebumps to trail down my spine. I pulled away and was getting ready to get in my car. "No,Matthew will drive you home...Lexa." I looked a little confused but just nodded and went around my car and sat in the passengers seat. All the boys left and Matthew opened the door and sat in the drivers seat. I held out the keys my hand shaking furiously scared of what he might do. He looked at my shaking hand then to me and gave me a sympathetic look and gently grabbed the keys from my hand. His warm smooth skin brushed over mine and I got this weird tingly feeling but tried my best to ignore it.He started up the car and I gave him the directions to my house. He parked in front of the huge house and looked shocked. "Y-you live h-here..?" He stared wide eyed at the house then to me then back and forth a few times. I chuckled lightly. "Y..yah.." I turned to look at him. "Uhm how are you gonna get home? I mean it is friday but I have to meet Na-...i mean.." Crap I blew it. He turned and looked in my direction. "you know he is going to just have sex with you right?" He looked at me like this subject was an everyday thing we should talk about and I just stood there looking at him my jaw halfway to the ground probably. "I-... I cant have s-sex with him...im still a-..." He nodded understanding what I meant and pulled out his phone dialing a number,which I assume is Nash. "Yah,hey bro look Ale-uhm Lexa isn't feeling well she just threw up all over me in the car." He looked at me and smiled a small smile. "Yah,ok" Then he hung up. "There you are,problem solved." He opened his door and got out and I got out as well walking ahead of him and into my house. I turned in the doorway and watched him shuffle on his feet awkwardly. "You can sleep in the guest room since you can't really go anywhere..." I smile and open the door wider asking him to come in. He smiles and slips off his shoes before walking into the house. "Your parents wont mind?" He asks still a little concerned. "Business trip" I grin and walk him upstairs showing him the guest room. "My room is right across the hall if you need anything?" He nods and smiles and I walk across the hall and plump down on my bed. I decide to get up and change into some sweats and a big T-shirt then crawl back to bed turning off my light and falling into a pit of darkness,sleep. 

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