Bullied by matthew

Alexis Moore Is a high school student who isn't one for talking. She is a quiet girl and keeps mostly to herself. As soon as the new boy in school arrives and becomes the popular everyday 'jock'. Matthew the new boy loses in a bet with a few friends and is forced to make Alexis life worse then it already is. What happens when Matthew lies but actually develops feelings for Alexis?


1. Chapter 1

(Authors note: Alexis goes by Lexi or Lexa so if I put "lexa's P.O.V or Lexi's P.O.V" Just know i'm talking about Alexa :p )

~Alexa's P.O.V~

It wasn't until my alarm went off that I remembered school was today. God summer went by fast.. probably because I sat in my room reading books not daring to go in public. I had enough trouble last year with public school...can't wait to see what happens this year. Note the sarcasm. I should probably get out of bed and at least see how this day goes.  I get up and walk to my closet. I decide on a blue lace crop top and some skinny jeans. I sulk over to my bathroom and do a light winged eye liner and a little bit of blush considering my face is extremely pail,I haven't had anything happen in my life to cause the color to return to my cheeks. It's been that way since eighth grade. Okay I need to stop before I end up crying. I turned sixteen last week so I finally have a car to drive myself to school. I curl my dark brown locks of hair,not that i'm trying to impress anyone but it looks good on me...I think? As soon as i'm done I trudge downstairs grab a banana and my backpack and head out the door. My parents don't say goodbye to me in the mornings because they get up for work at like four in the morning and aren't home till around ten pm. I never understood how they could work for 18 hours a day but they say its worth it. They go on many business trips so i'm often home alone. I on the other hand go to sleep every school night at about 12:00 pm and don't wake up till 7:00 am. School doesn't start till 8:00 for me so I have about an hour to get ready. As I get in my car I check my make up one more time in the mirror and finally pull out of my driveway. School..here I come. I pulled up into the school parking lot and parked as far away from the front of the parking lot as possible. I shrugged on my back pack that is carrying my books and walk towards the school my head down making no possible eye contact. When I started walking down the halls I heard whistles and honestly it boosted my confidence level. Just when I thought my day was having a great start one of the jocks named Cameron called my name. "Damn Alexis is that you? Wow baby girl,puberty did you well." I tried to ignore him and keep walking but his hand wrapped firmly around my arm and pulled me to him and his friends. I looked around and instantly knew there was no escape. The boys I recognized were Cameron,Nash,Jack,Hayes and...? Who was he? He was taller and a blonde? Whoa what? "Whats wrong baby girl? Can't speak?" Nash asked. I did not want to be here so I spoke out of instinct. "Shut up...Hamilton." I stood there shocked as well as them but he quickly recovered. "Listen here Alexis...call me Hamilton one more time and I will kill you. understand?" He was inches away from my face and I could feel his hot minty breath against my face. "I'm already dying..." I tell him my eyes hiding the pain behind them. I looked at the new kid and I saw a sympathetic look on his face until he noticed me staring at him his facial expression changed to a scowl. I shook my head and turned away from them on my heels. "Damn she's feisty.." I heard a voice behind me belonging to the new kid as I walked away. The words I had said 'i'm already dying...'  repeat over and over again through out the rest of the day. The years just get worse and worse...


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