my perfect world

20 year old Kayley is in love with One Direction. Her favorite is Niall. She absolutely adores him. What happens when she accidentally bumps into him?
Find out in the way you make me feel.


3. The tour

       I  stayed at the hotel with the boys. I slept with Niall. I woke up to a pair of lips kissing my cheek. I yawned and streched. "Goodmorning princess!" Niall chimed. "Goodmorning!" I replied In between yawns. We walked into the kitchen and smelled a burning aroma. "Louis, put it out!" Liam screamed. Louis grabbed the fire extinguisher and sprayed it on the stove. "What the heck did we miss?" Niall said confused. "Louis burned the bacon again." Zayn stated. "It was an accident!" Louis whined. "Lets just go out for breakfast!" Niall said. "Ok, where to?" I said. "How about ihop?" Harry said still coughing from the smoke. After breakfast, Niall seemed upset. "Niall, whats wrong? You arent yourself?" I said, feeling sorry for him. "We have to leave tomorrow and I dont want to leave you!" Niall said, tears forming in his eyes. "Niall, maybe I can come on tour with you guys!"  I said. My friend wouldnt care that much anyways. "Ok, managment wont mind!" Niall shouted, automatically changing moods. "Guys, Kayley is gonna come on tour with us!" Niall chimed throughout the room. I love it when Niall is happy. Now I can be with him all the time. 

          Later Niall asked me to move in with him. I said yes. This is gonna be perfect!

((Sorry guysfor the short chapter. Hope you liked it. Who so far is shipping Nayley, or Kiall? Post in the comments which ship name is better. Nayley or Kiall.))

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