my perfect world

20 year old Kayley is in love with One Direction. Her favorite is Niall. She absolutely adores him. What happens when she accidentally bumps into him?
Find out in the way you make me feel.


1. OMG its real!

             Hi, im Kayley. Im a 20 year old girl from California. I worship One Direction. But there is one member in particular that I love more than anything. Niall Horan. He is my king. My everything. 

               My friend Chelsea and I were walkingIn town and going to starbucks. We walked in and we both ordered a cappuccino. We got our drinks and went to sit at a table. On the way, we accidentally bumped into someone. Luckly, the coffe, and our dresses, were ok. "Sorry love", said a light, yet, accent filled voice. "No w----," I looked up and couldnt believe what I saw. Bright blue eyes and dark blonde hair. It was Niall Horan. I couldnt breath. Then, everything went dark.


           I woke up with strong on holding my head. I looked up and there he was. The beautiful boy I admire. Niall. "Are you ok love? You took quite a fall". I managed to speakout, "Yeah, im fine...I think". Niall laughed. I loved his laugh. His laugh was what made me smile. "Im Niall, from One Direction." He said. "Oh, I know. Im a huge fan!" I spoke. "I can see" he said chuckling softly. "Im Kayley." I said, still in shock and a slight headache. "Thats a pretty name" Niall said, looking in my eyes. "Thanks" I replied, not wanting moments to end. "Would you like to come back to the hotel with me and the boys?" Niall asked. Did Niall Horan just ask me to go with him? OMG THIS IS NOT HAPPENING!!!!!


Hey guys! Sorry this chapter is short. Its my first Movella sPLZ tell me what you think of it. Peace out guys!

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