Make of This What You Will- 2 - How To Be A Dick

Episode 2 in this strange method of storytelling.
There are 41 pieces of evidence. All you have to do is read them in order and put the story together.
As Samuel L. Devizes would say- 'Make of This What You Will'.

I'd love some feedback, CC, Reviews and anything else i can get my keyboard-numbed digits on because I went for a different approach this time and i want to see how it is recieved.


30. Telephone conversation, 1am April 30th

C: (whispered) Hey Sam, it’s Ben

R: (Also whispered) Hey Ben, why are we whispering?

C: (Exasperated) It’s in fashion, what do you bloody think?

R: (Normal voice) Look, do you want this mint cake or not? Do you have evidence?

C: (Whispering) a bloody metric shit ton of it.

R: Good. Leave it in the bin on Role Street, opposite the doughnut shop.

C: (Whispering) and the mint cake?

R: Is sitting right next to me, right now in all its chocolate covered glory- all seven kilos of it.

C: (Slightly raised whisper) what? You said it would be in my apartment!

R: I am in your apartment.

C: (Normal Voice) Fffffu-

***End Call***

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