Make of This What You Will- 2 - How To Be A Dick

Episode 2 in this strange method of storytelling.
There are 41 pieces of evidence. All you have to do is read them in order and put the story together.
As Samuel L. Devizes would say- 'Make of This What You Will'.

I'd love some feedback, CC, Reviews and anything else i can get my keyboard-numbed digits on because I went for a different approach this time and i want to see how it is recieved.


40. Make of This What You Will

Samuel L. Devizes stared at the neatly organised stack of papers that had previously been on his desk. It had not been the only stack of papers, but it was definitely the only one in any form of order.

It was clear to him what had happened and he had shared it with the police. Ben seemed to think that the remains of LOGOs 1 through 9 would not be hard to find if the right people asked in the right places.

Samuel L. Devizes turned his body so that he could see the shimmering bald circle atop the chief inspector’s head through the window.

Aiming the bulky card folder, he swung three times and let go of the package, sending it flying through the window and him tumbling down to the fortunately deserted street below. Making a run for it, he leapt through the door of William’s much abused ford fiesta.

All would soon be well, or at least very nearly well, or possibly well-er, depending on how quickly the inspector’s bruise died down.

Making the final note of his plans for the first thing the next morning, Samuel L. Devizes noted quickly at the bottom of the page the most pretentious thing he could possibly think of to say.


Make of this what you will.

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