Make of This What You Will- 2 - How To Be A Dick

Episode 2 in this strange method of storytelling.
There are 41 pieces of evidence. All you have to do is read them in order and put the story together.
As Samuel L. Devizes would say- 'Make of This What You Will'.

I'd love some feedback, CC, Reviews and anything else i can get my keyboard-numbed digits on because I went for a different approach this time and i want to see how it is recieved.


39. Diary, Samuel L ‘NotJackson’ Devizes, April 29th, evening

Documents are packaged and ready in all their incriminating glory.

Ben says JC has vanished out of the country. Jake’s official trial has been set for a week today.

I once met Johnathan Craig. He was a guest at a conference I visited during sixth form.

Of course I tore him apart. He had said it was his birthday, and that he always planned to move back to the United States where he was born.

Being an Arsehole I did some snooping around. He’s going to find this package along with a very angry letter from the police sitting on his doorstep in a few weeks.

All that needs to happen is for one to send this package (or a copy of it) to:





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