Make of This What You Will- 2 - How To Be A Dick

Episode 2 in this strange method of storytelling.
There are 41 pieces of evidence. All you have to do is read them in order and put the story together.
As Samuel L. Devizes would say- 'Make of This What You Will'.

I'd love some feedback, CC, Reviews and anything else i can get my keyboard-numbed digits on because I went for a different approach this time and i want to see how it is recieved.


27. CCTV footage, young offenders’ institute, 10 o’clock April 28th 2004

The footage shows a tall man in a big black coat breaking into the police holding cell to talk to the boy in cell 3- Jake Orson, charged with the murder of his father Harvey Orson. The man appears to talk to Jake for a while with a notepad out. The man fills two sides of a5 in large scrawled handwriting before leaving the cell, locking it back up and attaching a post-it to the lens of the CCTV camera.

The post-it reads ‘How to be a Dick: First, get two bollocks…’ The night guards quickly arrive and remove the post-it but the man has left.

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