Court On The Outside

A young Judo Black belt gets involved with the local mafia and ends up in Strangeways prison- where he metes out his own kind of justice.


9. 9

“We will do our Kata’s every morning and our fitness levels will rise. We have to be in top shape and not let our guards down for an instant. First tip Alan, never show weakness to anyone or you are defeated before you start understand?

“I’m no coward Lee.”

“Good because when these f###er’s come at you with a knife or a lump of wood you have to be ready.”

“How come you know so much for a young pup? I was a doorman when I was only sixteen (unofficially) because I really had to be eighteen but with me being so big they employed me and paid me cash in hand.. On the money I was earning I bought my own gaff.

“Were you dealing?

“Yes, but only to punters who I knew and trusted.

“I had a steady income every week.

“Jesus, I wish I had had your brains at your age.”

“You stick with me; I will make you a rich man when I get out of here.

“I’m doing seven to ten I will be out in five with good behaviour.”

I’ve got a minimum of three to do; so I will set up everything for when you come out.”

I will provide you with a flat to live and money to get you started.” What do you say?

“I have no family to go back to so alright you got yourself a partner.”

“Mind if you let your self get fat, all bets are off.”

“Sounds fair; Alan stuck out his hand.

Lee took his hand and shook it; now when they come to open up you go see this Noble and tell him what I said.”

“Got it Lee.”

The screws opened the doors and Alan made his way to the sluice he caught sight of Paul Noble; he hurried to catch up with him. Two men stepped between him and asked what he wanted.

“I have a message for him.”

 “Who from?

“Lee Bradley.”

“That young kid your sharing a cell with?


“Tell him to come to my cell, I’ve got something hard and wet to put into his mouth.”

“Tell him yourself he’s behind you.”

“The minder turned but as he did Lee kicked out just behind his left knee and there was a cracking sound as the ligaments and cartilage snapped. The man fell down onto the floor of the sluice. The other came towards Lee but Alan buried his fist into his midriff and he crumbled in a heap.

Paul Noble turned towards Lee and sized up the young lad.

“Who the f##k do you think you are? Do you think you can muscle in on my patch?

“Yes and once more I’m going to because you will not stop me. Noble ran at Lee who was ready for him; he swept his legs away with a Ouchi Mata then got his arm around


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