Court On The Outside

A young Judo Black belt gets involved with the local mafia and ends up in Strangeways prison- where he metes out his own kind of justice.


7. 7

The call for supper alerted them and they got off their bunks.

The food smelled better than it looked as they went down the iron stairs to wait in line. They took a plastic tray and plastic knives, forks, spoons, and a plastic beaker. The food was just plonked on the trays as they moved along the line.

“Hurry up there shouted the screws as they made their way along. They dipped their mugs into the huge urn of tea then moved away the floor was covered in food and liquid as they were hurried back to their cells. It was the first meal that they both eaten since they got here.

He looked under the two slices of bread and found two sausages a slice of bacon and one tinned tomato. In the other compartment there was some clear soup which looked virtually see through.

There was a piece of fruit cake but by the time Lee had got back to his cell the soup had run over into the cake and the other food.

“See what you mean now said Lee as Alan sat at the table whilst Lee sat on his bunk to eat.

“What happens now said Lee as he dipped the bread into the soup.

“We get banged up until tomorrow morning; 6 am the screws unlock for “Slop Out “then it’s work detail after breakfast. There’s a six week induction for you until they allocate you to a house.

“What a proper house?

“No you Idiot; it’s just another wing with a different name. In here it’s Andrews, David’s, George’s, and Patrick’s.”

“What do you do on work detail?

“For you there won’t be anything to do until you get your boots and the rest of your gear. You will be resigned to this cell. “They won’t let you out on the exercise yard either.

How long do you get on the exercise yard?

“We get fifteen minutes during the week but at weekends half an hour.”

“They give out the post each day at one o’clock apart from Sunday. Don’t be surprised if your mail is opened; they read everything here; even the mail you send.”

“Don’t write anything about the nick” or they won’t even send it out.”

Any money sent by post is confiscated. Everything you get in here has to be bought unless you can smuggle stuff in. If they are caught it could mean a prison sentence for them too. All Bags, wallets, and valuables have to be left in reception. Everyone is searched but there are still ways to bring stuff through if you know how. “Come then tell me Alan I need; to get cash in here. I know without cash in here life is going to be tough. Alan explained everything from how to smuggle money to drugs inside a prison.

“Mind if you’re caught, I know F##k all.”

“Let me worry about that.”

“Now I want to know every routine in this nick” who the big shot’s are everything understand?


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