Court On The Outside

A young Judo Black belt gets involved with the local mafia and ends up in Strangeways prison- where he metes out his own kind of justice.


6. 6

“Slop Out” shouted the screw as he opened the door. Lee waited inside his cell as each landing was dismissed to empty out their pots in the sluices.

“D1 shouted the screw; Alan nudged Lee and he moved forward and followed the other prisoners towards the sluice on their landing. There were two screws at each end of every landing each in blue uniform and each carried a chain attached to a black leather belt which held the keys to all the cell doors and the security gates inside the prison. Lee went to the sluice emptied his pot and washed it out and went to the toilet there was no doors on the toilets but Lee took Alan’s advice and went anyway.

When he came out of the sluice one of the screws called him.

He waited until he came towards him.

“What’s your number boy?

“Lee thought for a second then replied 69147 Bradley Sir.”

“Make a request to the governor to get a track suit brought in and what size feet are you?

“I’m a size fifteen Sir.”

“How old are you boy?

“Seventeen Sir,”

“Right explain to the governor how old you are and what size feet you are too. You are going to need work boots and training shoes. Request a V.O (visiting order) so someone can bring them in for you.

“Yes Sir.”

“Right get back in line.”

Lee went back to his cell and told Alan what the screw had said.

“Look in the draw there there’s a V.O request form and a governors request form in there.

“You got a pen?

“F##k me; have you not got anything.”

“No not until I get a visit.”

“Here; Alan threw him a biro which he caught with one huge hand.

“Lee set about writing the request forms out then asked Alan what he had to do with them.

“Give them to a screw.”


“In about ten minutes when we go for our supper.”

“What’s the food like in here?

“It tastes like shit but it keeps you alive.”

Lee grinned.

“You had better try and put on that vest there as they don’t let you come down without one on.

Lee picked up the vest put his head through the hole then placed his huge arms through the other holes and tried to pull the vest over his fifty two inch chest.

“Christ, did you fall asleep in a grow bag?


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