Court On The Outside

A young Judo Black belt gets involved with the local mafia and ends up in Strangeways prison- where he metes out his own kind of justice.


4. 4

The Burgundy Cobbler was full on Friday night with revellers and holiday makers Lee was inside on security; even though he was only seventeen his size and presence made him a formidable opponent. Even the older doormen who had several years of experience all looked up to Lee because he was so fast and could be brutal with it.

Lee kept his thick dark hair in not quite the skinhead look but more in the suede head style which was slightly longer. In the summer months they wore black blazers’s and clip on ties, black dress trousers, and black shoes, In the winter months Lee wore his thick Cromby coat that came past his knees and black riding boots.

Lee was paid £25.00 a night to keep order. This was a week’s wages to most people but given the nature of the job; Lee felt he was under paid.

Lee soon found out that he could make extra money selling coke and cannabis to the punters at a tenner a pop. During the three nights in which he worked he was earning over £1000 pounds.

He was able to buy himself all the latest clobber and bought himself a luxury apartment on the sea front for £20.000. He was taking driving lessons from his father who drove a small Ford Cortina.

On the nights whilst he was working; he was taking a different woman home to his bed. It seemed every thing was working out for him until one evening when trouble erupted inside the club. Two rival gangs from the East End of Newcastle Kicked off and one the gang was stabbed in the chest.

The two doormen on the front rushed in to assist Lee who had broken the arm of the attacker with a knife. Then a quick Ouchi Gari; a major inner reaping throw had the man in agony on the floor.

Another two men came at him trying to use a bottle against him Lee used a Kouchigari against the first and an Ouchi Mata against the second. He used a regular choke to restrict breath from another who jumped onto his back until he passed out.

Lee was careful not to use blood chokes which he was very adept at in case it caused death. Even using regular chokes on punters could crush the Larynx in the throat and kill someone.

The police who never hurried in these situations finally turned up and the trouble was quashed; or so Lee thought.

When the club closed lee was walking back with a girl from the club when a Jaguar was following them from behind. They waited until Lee turned the corner near the 81 Club then four men rushed out of the car with base ball bats. Lee took down the first two men. He dislocated the knee of another but was hit over the head by the last man.  

The girl screamed as Lee regained composure; he used a Harai Makikomi a no lapel grab to bring down the last man. He punched him in the face several times and the man’s face was masked in blood. He didn’t stop there either the man who he had dislocated the knee of took out a switch blade and lunged at Lee stabbing him through the arm; blood was oozing from the wound but the adrenalin had taken over Lee’s body by then and he grabbed hold of the much smaller man bent his arm right up his shoulder until the bones cracked under the pressure. The thirty five year old with long greasy hair screamed in agony as he fell to the ground.


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