Court On The Outside

A young Judo Black belt gets involved with the local mafia and ends up in Strangeways prison- where he metes out his own kind of justice.


3. 3

Follow the officer to the showers 69147. Lee did as he was asked the cubicle had a bar of soap which he picked up on his way in. the water was turned on then he stepped under it and quickly washed. Then the water was turned off and someone threw a towel at him.

“Get dried; hurry it up.”

He was half way through drying when one of the officers threw powder at him. His eyes stung from whatever was inside the talc which he guessed was some kind of delousing powder. Using the towel he wiped his eyes.

“Follow me.”

Lee followed the officer into another room where he was given a pile of things to carry including a pot to pee in.

He was then marched through to the D wing of the prison the officer walked five doors then stopped opened the door and told Lee to get in.

Once inside the door was slammed behind him.

Looking around the room which was eight by six green bricks with one desk one chair and a double bunk the one window was ten feet above the wall opposite the door.

Lee put on the pyjama bottoms which were too small in the legs and practically came up to his knees.

Lee jumped up and grabbed the bars on the window above him and pulled himself up with his powerful arms and looked out. There was a hexagon tower on the right and he could seethe roof tops covered with barbed wire and a twenty five feet high wall all the way around. The yard had markings inside and out; what they were for he didn’t know yet. He lowered himself back down to the floor; made up his bunk on the bottom and stuck his clothes in the left hand side of the locker come writing desk.

He noticed there was no toilet in the room so he relieved himself in the pot and stuck it under his bunk.

An hour later the door was unlocked and in walked another prisoner.

The door was again slammed and the spy hole in the door lifted the officer peered in then let the cover drop.

“Hi I’m Alan Jackson.”

“Lee Bradley.”

“I’m doing seven to ten years for armed robbery; what you in for lad?

“I’m doing three to five years for grievous bodily with intent.”

“The effing Judge stuck it to you didn’t he. Christ you should of got eighteen months max. With good behaviour you should have been out in nine.”

“I think I upset him when I said; I wonder who’s jumping your missus whilst you’re in court.”

“Bloody class, I will have to remember that the next time I’m in front of the Beak.”

“You must Love it in here?



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