Court On The Outside

A young Judo Black belt gets involved with the local mafia and ends up in Strangeways prison- where he metes out his own kind of justice.


10. 10

Lee let Noble’s body drop in a heap on his back then slapped him hard across the face.

Noble tried to focus but his head was spinning; Listen Lee whispered I own this wing now and you will take orders through me understand. You put the word out that I’m after taking on anyone in this nick” do you hear?

“Noble nodded.

“Lee stood up turned and walked back to his cell.

The prisoners were led into the large dining area where again men were serving the meals. The word had spread fast and when Alan and Lee went for their breakfast extra portions were placed on their plates. The black guy behind the counter nodded and passed him a note.

Lee nodded back then went to join Alan at the table. He placed his tray on the table and opened the note under the table. The note read: Let’s meet up in association tonight. Bryan Carlyle.

“Who‘s Carlyle asked Lee as he passed him the note?

That’s him looking over on the third table up Lee looked over and saw a muscular looking man in his late forties. His bald head shined as he nodded in Lee’s direction.

Noble joined him on his table along with three others. The other man that Lee had kicked was in the prison hospital. He would never walk again without a limp.

I’m meeting Carlyle tonight in association. You will all be there right?

“Tell me all about Carlyle; said Lee looking at Paul Noble.

“He’s a lifer; he stabbed a guy in a pub and killed him. He has a history of violence; he’s not to be trusted. He runs most of the drug smuggling racket in here along with the tobacco as well. What about Patrick’s and David’s house?

Patrick’s house has Ginger Harris running the wing; he’s IRA. He was responsible for the Enniskillen bombings. David’s house has Wayne Jones doing 30 years for a bank job in which he shot a bank clerk in the legs with a sawn off shot gun.

“We can handle them once we get Carlyle on board.

Lee took the top off the two boiled eggs and began to eat. He buttered a slice of bread and cut it in half with the plastic knife.

 Lee enjoyed his breakfast now that he had established himself as a force to be reckoned with.

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