Take my hand

Never did i though i would be smiling when i would see him again after all those years seeing him again just turned me again to blind teenager and he took my breath away again and make me feel the way everyone else couldn't


1. Piercing blue eyes

   Colette's point of view


  There he stood. his blue piercing eyes staring right in my brown ones. "Colette Simons?" he said like he wasn't believing what he saw. his voice was no longer raspy teenager boy voice it was low and smooth. "Jacob Nixon?" i smiled warmly to him. he was wearing grey suit and his blonde hair was short and styled he looked very  professional. "gosh its  been a while." he breathed his eyes not leaving mine. "how are you?" he asked. "i'm good. you?" i asked. "good too." he said biting his lip. "when does your shift end?" he asked. "Are you asking me out Nixon?" i asked jokily. "maybe. but anyway it would be nice to catch up." he said. "my shift ends in half hours."  i said. "cool. i will wait for you." he said. "you want anything to drink?" i asked. " a coffee." he said. "wait what? not Pepsi?" i joked and he rolled his eyes mumbling shut up.when he was younger he always drank Pepsi. "okay i will be back in sec." i said. i walked behind the counter. "who was that man candy?" Rosie my coworker asked. if you haven't already figured out i work in small cute coffee shop. "he's a childhood friend." i said and she send me wink and turning back to customers. i changed my working clothes to casual ones and took my purse and walked out from the back door as he stood outside waiting for me. "you take my breath away every time, beautiful." he smiled i just rolled my eyes. it was 4pm and the weather was sunny and warm we walked to the near park and sat on the bench. "how long has it been? seven years?" he asked. "something like that." i said. "how is Nathan." he asked. i looked him and his stare softened. "is he okay?" he asked. "he's in coma. he has been in come past two months." i said. "oh." he said. "how has his life been?" he asked. "well you know what he was when he was younger. he never fully changed from the life style. some of us grow up but he still kept doing those dark things." i said sadly. "oh. thats such a shame." he said. i nod. "so what about you? what happened to you? i never pictured seeing you and that you would look like this." i said. "is it bad?" he smirked laughing little. "no, not at all. you look like things in your life are okay." i said. "well." he said awkwardly. "i guess i was little rebel back then doing all the stupid shit. but i'm grown up. i run my own company now. my life is better." he said. "oh i see. i wish Nathan would have turned up like that too." i said. "but it turned out that he's not mentally alright." i said. "oh, i'm so sorry." he said. "lets not talk about that." i said and he agreed. "so what about you? hows life been?" he asked. "well its been good." i  said. "i talked with Nathan like three ago and he told me that you were engaged." he said. "oh shit. well." i  said. "so who is the lucky guy?" he asked. "stop. i was engaged but i'm not with him anymore." i said. "Oh well." he said. "yep."i said. "so you still play guitar?" i asked chancing the subject. "yes actually i do." he  smiled. "good."  i smiled. "i need to pick up Daisy from her daycare." i said. "wait what? you have a daughter?" he asked his face turning pale from shock. "its not mine. my sisters daughter but i'm watching her today. silly." i said. "woah, don't scare me like that." he smiled. "can i get you number? maybe we could do this again." he asked smiling nervously. "sure." i said. i gave him my number and then said bye to him and went to pick up Daisy. 

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