Lost In Stereo ( affair with the sun and a romance ) H.S.

I always dreamed to live in England but I wasn't expected to meet One Direction on my first day at work.


7. Talking...

They were all playing football on the private parking, even if I was far from them, I could see and hear all.

Which wasn't difficult as they were only 5 but was hella loud !

They looked like basic teenagers. I saw on my paperwork that they were One Direction.

Of course I know who they are because years ago, you couldn't turn the radio or watch tv without hearing them.

Still, I was more a pop punk and punk rock girl so I didn't know them music or who they are for being honest.

After about what seems to be an eternity, they finally begin to walk close to me and so I just open the door.

I was just standing this huge and heavy door for them to come inside ( the heaviest door I have ever seen )

There was a full bunch of people with them, that was impressive.

They all kept talking and walking like I wasn't even existing, but I guess they're used to it so...

But the curly hair guys was the last and he slow saying "Thank you Love" and smiling before disapearing in the building.

Ok I know that it's nothing, that everyone here say it but... Damn this smile !

I was so intimidated that I just smile for answer which is a really good choice for me.

Because I used to always do the wrong thing or say something really not correct ah ah !

Now that they are inside, I can just let this HEAVY door, close by herself, finally !

And I know I'm still here in front of the door for the next 8 hours with no possibility to move.

When I say no possibilities, it's even for having a wee or other, for the next 8 hours.

As I knew that Anthony will not checking what I do ( he is way too much busy with the stage )

I decided to take my shoes off and having a cigarette.


It will definitly be a long day... A very long day...

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