Lost In Stereo ( affair with the sun and a romance ) H.S.

I always dreamed to live in England but I wasn't expected to meet One Direction on my first day at work.


8. Smoke will kill you...

It's been only two hours since the boys and them people came in and I'm bored as hell.

I couldn't leave that door because it's the only thing I have to do but I wanted my legs to work a little.

As I took another cigarette and took off this horrible security yellow jacket.

I almost was hit by the door as someone get out screaming at the phone.

"I'm seriously done with you,  you're not my boss is it clear?" It was the curly haired guy.

He seems really angry and screamed again even louder which makes me jump a little bit.

"And don't even try to give me the bad boy image because you cheated on me, I am a correct guy so I will not say it but if you play this game and try to make yourself a victim, I will show the pictures. Now GO TO HELL."

He hung up his phone. I was here, just smoking, trying to avoid eye contact as much as possible with him.

I wanted to talk to him but it was forbidden, I signed a contract for this !

I was just giving the more empathy that I could, mentally !

So I was just smiling at him, trying to giving my more supportive look.

He just gave me a real smile, and came close and just stole my cigarette.

I let him did it because I can understand in that kind of moment, you really need to smoke.

But instead of smoking it, he just threw it away, open the door himself and said "Smoke will kill you, Darling."

With a gentle smile, he just came inside again. WHAT A JERK. Who the hell does he think he is ?

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