Lost In Stereo ( affair with the sun and a romance ) H.S.

I always dreamed to live in England but I wasn't expected to meet One Direction on my first day at work.


9. Lou Teasdale...

It was 9pm now and I could hear loud music coming from the stadium. The show has begun. I had a text.


-You can lock the door, you have 10mn to go to the bathroom and eat. I want you back at the door in 10 minutes !



I really needed to go to the toilet, there is moments like this I envy men to being able to pee where they want ah ah.

It was good yeah yeah yeah ! I wasn't hungry so I just took my bag on my locker and taking it with me.

I went back to "my" door sending a text to Anthony.


-I am back don't worry !


Suddenly, the door pushed as I see a woman with lila's hair getting out, trying to turn on her cigarettes.

I give her my lighter and she smiled at me in return.

She gave it back to me, looking at me with a smirk from my toes to my head for good 15 seconds.

It felt weird but then she just giving her hand saying "Hi, I'm Lou Teasdale," she got such an amazing style.

I am not gonna lie, I felt like crap next to her, she was so beautiful.

I just shook her hand saying "Hi, my name is Leanadora"

"WOW French isn't it ?" she said with a really excitting voice.

"Please don't tell me my accent is not as good as I think." I said, giving her the pity look.

She laugh and said "Aw bless you. Your accent is wonderfull don't worry. It's more the make up and clothes... So Frenchie."

We were here, smoking, talking about all and nothing, she asked me about my life, I asked her about her life.

It's been almost 30minutes since we start talking and I never find the time so quick since I'm here.

It's good to have someone for chit chatting...

Just when I asked her if she was working here for long, a voice came into her talky walkie "Teasdale where are you ? Harry's hair need a fix ! NOW ! " "I'm coming, sorry I lost myself, I'll be here in 3 minutes" she said.

I open her the door and she wave at me screaming "I'll see you later honey", "Yeah don't worry, I'll stay here like a Statue." I said.

I heard her laughing as she gone away. I felt really dissapointed to figured it out that she was with the band and she will not become a co worker...

At least I met someone cool and thank to her, the time past much faster.

I only have 2 hours left and I will be able to be back in my amazing bed and sleeeeeeep.

I am smiling at the idea of a warm Lush bath and bed !

Soon !

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