Lost In Stereo ( affair with the sun and a romance ) H.S.

I always dreamed to live in England but I wasn't expected to meet One Direction on my first day at work.


13. Birthday Girl...

I managed to catch the bus but no need to say that my running skills brings me to almost have an asma attack.

Whatever, I am just sat now and gonna enjoy 45mn of music !

I really need a good music, really catchy for give me a smile or at least some hope ahah.

Shuffle mode, secretly praying for having a decent song coming... I smiled in relief when I heard the first note of guitar bass of "Happy" by Pharell. How catchy is it seriously ??

After 45mn of decent music, I was in front of the stadium, running to my car for checking if everything was okay as it is an old car, just checking if it still working you know...

When I heard someone screaming my name, and I smiled because I knew it was Lou.

I just zombie walk in her direction, she hugs me and give me a coffee from Costa, I was shocked and I said "Hey, how can you be so.. full of life ? I didn't even drink and I am broken and you were drunk as hell." she put her sunglasses on, a huge smile on her face and said "I have a rockstar life baby, you get used to it and I am a mom aswell so you know how to live without any sleep."

When suddenly I felt two hand on my waist, I jumped and turn, it was Harry. "You didn't reply to my text... Too embarassed ?" he smirked.

"Actually I was too tired for dealing with your arrogance right now" He looked at me weirdly, maybe in shocked by what I said and I must admit that I was kind of satisfied that I could have advantage on him for once, even if it was mean. But he just smiled, came way too close to my ear and said "You can act like it but you and I know that right now, I make you melt innit ?".

I took some step away and I had an incontrolable laugh who lasts a good minute, I light up a cigarette and blow the smoke at him before leaving direction my locker for changing for work, and I could feel Harry's eyes on me all along.


I put my stuff in my locker and I could feel my phone vibrating, I looked at the screen and I saw a text from my mom and my best friends wishing me a happy birthday and I was shocked.

I was so tired, that I forgot, myself, that it was my birthday today, how crazy is that ?

As I was about to lock my locker when I heard Anthony singing really loud the Happy Birthday song.

I felt so embarassed. But I really appreciated it tho ! He gave me tiara with "Birthday Girl" writing on the top of the tiara.

He told me that I had to wear it as the business loves that all employees feel important. Great !

For sure with a tiara that ridiculous, I will feel important ah ah !

So I put my amazing tiara ( note the massive sarcastisc tone here ? ) and go back to my door.

From the 300m that seperate the changing room to the vip entrance door, at least 40 people wished me happy birthday.

When I came at my door, I was so happy to see that the boys were not here, I really don't want them to see me with this stupid tiara on my hair.

They were not here, but Lou was there, and she looked at me at the next second she was literally on the floor laughing her ass off at me.

"Alright, alright Lou, I got it."

"Sorry Honey but that is way too ridiculous for not laughing at it.' she said, trying really hard to stop laughing.

"Alright, alright, I think you have to go somewhere innit ?"

"Oh god yeah, I am late" she said running through the building.

At least here, I was safe, until now...

Hey guys, are you enjoying the story so far ?

Just wanted to let you participate if you want as I need a co worker name so if you have any suggestions !

Thank you guys !

Lots of Love


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