Lost In Stereo ( affair with the sun and a romance ) H.S.

I always dreamed to live in England but I wasn't expected to meet One Direction on my first day at work.


11. Awkward I am...

It was INSANE.

We were only 10 in the bus but it sounds like we were 100 !

My head was hurting so much with all that noise.

Everyone was laughing loud and dancing, everyone except me.

As you know, I'm not a party girl and except Lou, everyone ignored me so I decided to go to the back of the bus.

I open the door and find all the sleep bunk and after I found a guitar and a couch...

I was happy, just happy to find a quiet place, just happy to finally be able to rest my body and my head.

I really wanted to be on my own with a guitar. I just took it. I was playing High Hopes by Kodaline.

As much as I love to play guitar and sing, I always do it alone, I never sing in front of someone.

I love singing this song because I felt the lyrics so much that I really give emotion when I play it.


"Broken bottles in the hotel lobby, seem to me like I'm just scaree of never feeling it again,

I know it´s crazy to believe in silly things, but it's not that easy.

I remember it now it takes me back to when it all first started,

but I only got myself to blame for it and I accept it now,

it´s time to let it go, go out and start again but it's not that easy.

But I've got high hopes, it takes me back to when we started,

high hopes, when you let it go, go out and start again,

high hopes, when it all comes to an end, but the world keeps spinning around.

And in my dreams, I make to ghost of all the people who've come and gone,

memoried, they seem to show up so quick but they leave you far too soon.

My evil is just staring at the barrel of a gun and I do believe in.

Yeah but I've got High Hope, when you let it go, go out and start again,

High Hopes, when it comes to an end but the world keep spinnung around."


I sang and played really good and soon I was done. Putting the guitar on my side. Open a window and smoke.

Suddenly I heard a dark voice behind me "Are you really gonna do it again Love ? You smoke way too much."

I turn around surprised to see Harry with a morning hair cut and little eyes.

I realized he must be sleeping in one of this bunk sleep. Oh god, I must waking him while I was singing !

"Harry ? Oh god did I wake you up ? I'm sorry sorry sorry. I swear I didn't know there was someone here."

I said with the most apologizing voice but honestly I was more ashamed that he heard me...

"Honestly if I must wake up everytime by this amazing voice of you, it would not be a problem. But why are you playing songs here on your own while the other make party on the other part of the bus ?" he said.

I looked back and say "I'm really not a party girl and everyone ignored me so I decided to spend time on my own.

I'm kind of used to it as I am not very sociable. Even in France it's the same. My best friend is so cool and beautiful and funny that everyone is always around her and I'm just here, invisible. I'm not saying I'm not funny because I AM ( he smiled when I said that ) but the fact that I don't have a flat belly or thigh gasps push people to prefer not talking to me. Sad but true. Everybody's said that the most important is not to be beautiful but to have an amazing personality, but that's true bullshit ! If you see an ugly person, you will not go to this person because they're funny" I said with an awkward smile.

He sat next to me and told me "You know. If people choose to not talking to you because of your body, you don't miss anything ! I don't know you but I know for sure that no one ignores you. Lou is just weird when she drink, the boys don't know you yet and they are pretty shy and don't trust people easily and I am talking to you isn't it ? ( I nodded ) So stop worring about what people think. Plus don't forget that you are in a new country and no offense to France but we are much more friendly. And finally. I love your style ! You look like a pin-up. Like this 50's model. You know here we don't really like super thin girls. Your body is curvy. I like it, it suit you, now stop worrying ok ? Or I will throw all your cigarettes on the toilet !" I laugh and nodded.

Thanking him and say goodbye to him as I didn't want him to stay with me because he too needs some good sleep and because I was starting to not see him as a jerk anymore and I didn't wanted to be his friends.

I came back to the other side of the bus and everyone was laughing like nothing happen.

Lou finally come and tell me "We are in the front of your house Darling" I said "Thank god I am so tired !"

I start getting out of the bus and in a moment of crazyness, I decided to put my shyness in the pocket and scream  "GOODBYYYYYYE" as I didn't want to say goodbye to each and one of everyone. Everyone looked at me and smiling saying 'tomorow´ and ´goodbyeeeee ´.

And I was finally home ! It was 2.36am on the wall clock and I was sighing as I knew I need to be awake in less than 7hours. I just get lay on my bed when I feel my phone buzz.


From : Sexiest Curls in the Planet ( WHAT THE FUCK ?! I never had this name or number on my phone ! )


-Hope you had a good night. Would love to hear your voice on my morning. See you tomorow smoky girl. H.


I send a text back


-How did you put your number with that... RIDICULOUS name. On MY phone ?


and he texted back


-You shouldn't let stranger borrow your phone for "texting". By the way, at least you recognize it was me by this amazing and true name I put.


I couldn't help myself but laugh


-Sorry I was laughing way too much as It that I just couldn't breathe, finally it will not be smoking who will me.


He texted back fast


-So you mean that I'm the one who will kill you ? ;) I knew I was sexy to death ! Good Night.


I just smile and saying


-Oh yeah of course your sexiness killing me --' See ya tomorow !


And I felt asleep with an annoying smile on my face...

Moving to England already change my life so much. I can't wait to see what will happen next !

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