Forever in my Heart

A story of young love when the daughter of a priest and black south African woman falls for a young lad from North Shields. Will their relationship survive the racial prejudice.


6. 6

“Hello Joe would you like to come in?

“Thank you; do you mind if I lock up my bicycle?

 Look, why don’t you leave your bike in the corridor here.

 Joe steered the bicycle into the large passage way he took off his shoes before entering the carpeted living room.

Ayesha’s mother introduced herself to Joe and asked him to sit down on one of the Chesterfield sofas.

Ayesha sat next to Joe as her mother took the vegetables and salad into the kitchen.

“Do you want to put your flowers into a vase Ayesha?

“Yes mother.”

“Yasmin came in to the living room to say hello to Joe.

“I love your bicycle Joe; I’ve never seen one like it.

My father works in the ship yard in North Shields there was a ship in the dock that was transporting the very first prototype cycles to America the captain gave my father this one as a gift.

They won’t be on sale in Britain until next year.

This is why I have a huge thick chain to lock the bike up because on the market they are worth a lot of money.

Sonja returned; what does your father do then Joe?

He is a project manager he oversees the work carried out on vessels either being built or repaired.

“Do you know what you want to do when you leave school?

“Yes, I want to join the Merchant Navy as an engineer.”

“That will take you away from home will it not?

“Yes, but it’s something I want to do; providing I get the grades at school I will go on to college then university.”

“My daughters both want to study medicine; Ayesha wants to become a doctor whilst Yasmin would like to be a surgeon.”

“The university course is five years Joe; so I doubt you will see a lot of Ayesha then.”

“There is always pen and paper Mrs Williams. We can write to each other but we are getting ahead of ourselves I think;” Ayesha and I are just friends.”

Would you like something to drink Joe; we have fresh orange juice and homemade lemonade.

“Can I have some of your homemade lemonade please?”

“Good choice said Ayesha’s mother.”

The lemonade was nice; Sonja had put some ice in the tall glass.

Just then Ayesha’s father arrived in the car. He saw the bike as he walked in and went straight to the living room.

“Hello Darling this is Joe; Ayesha’s friend. He brought us some fresh vegetables and salad from his allotment.

“It’s my father’s allotment Mrs William’s; I just help out after school.


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