Forever in my Heart

A story of young love when the daughter of a priest and black south African woman falls for a young lad from North Shields. Will their relationship survive the racial prejudice.


4. 4

The Chopper bike Joe had was very popular in 1969 it had very wide V shaped handle bars the frame work was unique, which wasn’t like the traditional A framed bicycles.

The long leather saddle meant you could lean back onto a leather padded headrest which was attached to a metal frame which was secured onto the framework.

The large back wheel and small front wheel meant that you higher At the back of the bike. The back wheel had a thicker tyre than the front. The pedals had reflectors on them and there was also a red reflector light on the back attached to the head rest frame. The front light sat onto the frame and was operated by battery not a dynamo.

Joe had to keep the bike in the house because it was so rare that it would be stolen if left unattended.

He cycled down to the park; all the cars that passed him looked over at him as they had never seen a bike like his.

When Ayesha saw him she was so impressed she asked if he could give her a ride. She sat behind him as they rode around the park; she had to put her arms around him so she wouldn’t fall off.

When she got off near the stream she told him that was the best bike ride that she’d ever been on.

Joe secured both Ayesha’s and his bike with a thick heavy chain that his father had got him from the ship yard before heading down to the stream together. The sun was shining brightly as they sat on the grass together.

The spotted two ducks feeding on the streams silt covered bottom for worms.

“What have you been up to then asked Ayesha?

“I went to my father’s allotment to help him out.”

“I love gardening; what does your father grow?

“He grows fruit, vegetables, and flowers; my dad shows his leeks and carnations every year in the Chirton Club.

We never have to buy salad or any vegetables because my dad grows just about every thing.

“I take you up there if you would like to see it; it’s only further up from where you live. “ Do you know where Heaton Terrace is?

“No I don’t but I would love to see it; can we go now?

“Yes of course.”

Joe walked to where he ha locked the bicycles once he had unlocked them he placed the heavy padlock and chain underneath the seat where he had adapted it so it had a compartment inside.

“You will have to follow me Ayesha okay?


Joe pedalled slower so that Ayesha could keep up with him because the gear system on this bike meant that he could maintain a high speed with little effort.

Joe went straight up from Rose Cottage, past black thorn crescent then up Silky’s Lane.

They crossed the road at the Chirton Club that Joe pointed out; then turned left onto Heaton Terrace. The allotment was about half way up. He unlocked the gate then took his bike inside; Ayesha followed him to his father’s garden.


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