Forever in my Heart

A story of young love when the daughter of a priest and black south African woman falls for a young lad from North Shields. Will their relationship survive the racial prejudice.


20. 20

Would you like a cup of tea the kettle just boiled?

“Yes please.”

Joe looked at her close up she was even more beautiful now he thought.

Handing her the cup of tea she noticed he was wearing the watch she bought him.

“So Joe what are you doing these days.

“I’m on the SS Albatross in the South Atlantic looking for oil.”

“I always said you had potential.”

“What about you?

Well I qualified as a doctor I have a practice in London.

“You must have a steady supply of patients.

“Yes she laughed; are you married Joe?

“No I’m single what about you Ayesha?

His heart was pounding in his chest as he waited the inevitable. Someone as beautiful as her would be snapped up by now.

“Joe I’m not married; I’ve waited all these years for you. Remember what I told you

“Yes I do.

“Well Joe she said after taking a sip of tea. I’ve come to fulfil that promise.

Joe turned towards the only woman he’d ever loved; the vision of her on the witches’ hat all those years ago played in his mind.

He grabbed his coat. Took the cup from Ayesha and took her hand, he locked up then led her out onto the street. He flagged down a taxi and asked the driver to take him to the Hilton hotel where he was staying.

He got the keys to his room and they went up in the lift to the fourth floor.

He opened the door to his room then closed the door. They both undressed quickly Joe didn’t hurry as he explored every inch of Ayesha’s body; the moment he had waited ten years for was finally here. They made love all afternoon then ordered food.

My father and mother are going to get the shock of their lives when they see who I’ve brought home said Ayesha as she lay on the bed next to her man.

“I love you Joe Simpson.”

 “And I you; will you marry me then?

“Of course; who else would I marry?

Joe went to the draw and pulled out a black box and handed it to Ayesha. She opened it to reveal a gold ring; there was an inscription inside that read- FOREVER IN MY HEART”






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