Forever in my Heart

A story of young love when the daughter of a priest and black south African woman falls for a young lad from North Shields. Will their relationship survive the racial prejudice.


19. 19

The party was much the same as the dinner at Ayesha’s house only the parents were chatting whilst Joe and Ayesha sat in silence. Ayesha’s parents had bought him a leather briefcase in which to keep all his college documents inside.

Thank you said Joe Politely; it was very thoughtful of you.

Ayesha bought him a present it was beautifully wrapped there was a gift tag; it said to Joe from Ayesha. After they had all left he went to his bedroom he sat on the edge of the bed and torn the wrapping paper to reveal a black gift box he opened the box slowly to reveal a Seiko watch; inscribed on the back was the words “Forever in My Heart”.

He took off his old Timex and put it away in the draw next to his bed. Reading the inscription again he put it on his wrist then fastened the clasp.

He was about to put the box in the draw when he saw a note taped to the bottom of it. he carefully removed the note.

Father is sending me to Kings Medical College in London. I will write you once I get settled. Love Ayesha x

He folded the note and placed it inside the box that the watch was in.

 He lay back on his bed and the tears welled up in his eyes; how could he forget the girl he loved with his every being. He told himself that one day he would see her again. He also swore that he would never sleep with any woman; he would save himself for Ayesha; as she had said; he would be her first and she his.


On September the 17th 1973 Joe Simpson started an undergraduate Marine Science and Technology Course.

He threw himself into his studies and rarely went out of his dorm.

He was researching marine biology and engineering.

He had hands on experience on board the HMS Illustrious after he graduated; Joe went all over the world; quickly moving up the ranks. By the time Joe was twenty five he was Chief Engineer on board the SS Albatross.

He came home every other month to see his mother and father.

It was whilst he went to his fathers allotment one afternoon that fate took a hand. He was digging over his father’s potato bed when the gate opened and he saw Ayesha; she was as beautiful as he remembered.

“Hello Joe; remember me?

He was about to run over and sweep her up in his arms but he didn’t know if she was seeing anyone. He hadn’t written to her even though she had written to him whilst he was studying.

“Come in My father won’t be here for a while.


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