Forever in my Heart

A story of young love when the daughter of a priest and black south African woman falls for a young lad from North Shields. Will their relationship survive the racial prejudice.


18. 18

Joe sat at the table with Ayesha’s family as she served them a seafood salad starter made from the produce of his father’s garden. Joe didn’t really feel like eating knowing that after she came to his party next week he was to only be a friend nothing more.

The main course was something that Joe had never eaten before it was called Potjiekos which Joe was informed by Ayesha that it was cooked in a big cast iron pot over the cooker it contained various meats from South Africa including springbok and seasonal vegetables again used from his father’s garden. It was served on a bed of polenta.

It’s delicious Ayesha; your mother taught you well said her father.”

“Do you like it Joe.”

“Yes it’s very nice.”

Ayesha poured Joe a glass of traditional non alcoholic Mageu made from fermented mealie pap.

Joe didn’t really initiate conversation at the dinner table he spoke only when spoken to. Joe didn’t want to be rude and leave straight after eating his meal but this was absolute torture to him.

Ayesha sensed something was wrong and asked Joe if everything was alright.

“I’m Sorry Ayesha but I have a head ache would you all excuse me. Thank you all for allowing me to share a meal in your home.

“You’re very welcome Joe. We look forward to your birthday party next week.

Good night Father Simon.” Mrs Williams.”

“Goodnight Joe.”

 “I will see you out said Ayesha.”

“Joe pushed his bike out and kissed Ayesha on the cheek.

“Thanks for cooking for me Ayesha.

“Will I see you tomorrow?

“I have to go to church then in the afternoon help my father in the garden.

Joe tried not to prolong the conversation and bid her good night.

Ayesha went straight back into the house and confronted her father.

“What did you say to him dad?

“Nothing; I merely pointed out how young you both are.

“Don’t lie to me daddy; you are a man of the church tell me the truth.

“I have told him that he can not conduct a relationship with you because you are both too young.

“I love him father; nothing is going to change that no matter what you say or do.

“I have made a booking for you to go to the medical college in London in September. You will be inducted into the halls of residence. In a few months you will have forgotten all about Joe Simpson.



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