Forever in my Heart

A story of young love when the daughter of a priest and black south African woman falls for a young lad from North Shields. Will their relationship survive the racial prejudice.


15. 15

“What kind of question is that?

“A simple one; have you made love to a girl before?

“No I haven’t.”

 “Good, that will make it more special when we do make love as it will be both our first time.”

“My mother told me never to give my virginity away unless I loved the person I was doing it with.

“I love you Joe Simpson.

“Don’t be silly Ayesha you are young and so am I; you don’t know yourself yet. This time next year you may feel differently about me.

I will never feel better than I do right now Joe, I love you, and you will be forever in my heart as long as I live.”

 This year to come will be a testing time for both of us as you will be going off to college next year and so will I; then we have university.

“My feelings will never change Joe; no matter where you are or what you do.”

“Come on lets have some food said Joe.

Ayesha opened the rucksack she had carried she brought sandwiches with prawns in mayonnaise some crisps. Joe put out all the food that his mam had made for him.

They tucked into their meal and drank some homemade lemonade that Joe liked. Did your mum make this?

“No I did. Mum has taught me how to cook too; both my sister and I take turns cooking in our house. I’m cooking my special chicken tonight for you.”

 “That’s lovely; I hope I have enough room after eating this lot.

“I read somewhere that a passionate kiss can burn over sixty calories so we better get started.

Joe laughed as she leant over him and kissed him.


Joe checked his watch it was three thirty; right we have to go they packed away all the food that was left and Ayesha screwed the top back on the bottle of lemonade she had made.

 They shook and then folded the blanket then placed it in the rucksack. Joe unlocked the bicycles and they rode along the promenade until they reach the Park Hotel again.

They carried on until they reached the allotment garden. When they got there Jack Simpson was planting out some Brussels sprouts and leeks for the winter.

“Hi Dad.”

“Hello son.

“Dad this is Ayesha.”

“Hello Mr Simpson.”

“No wonders you went after that boy the other night son; she’s beautiful.

“Come on in Ayesha; do you like gardening?

 I love Gardening; when we live in Kilkhampton my father grew everything even sweet corn. We haven’t got a garden in this church so I really miss it.

“Then you can come here with Joe.”


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