Forever in my Heart

A story of young love when the daughter of a priest and black south African woman falls for a young lad from North Shields. Will their relationship survive the racial prejudice.


14. 14

Ayesha’s mum came to the door and thanked Joe for defending her daughter.

“Can I have a word with you and Father Simon later?

“Yes, of course.”

I have to water my father’s allotment Mrs Williams but when we return we can talk.”

“You are a busy lad Joe.”

“Seize the Day” my teacher used to tell me Mrs Williams.”

“Good advice Joe I’m sure.”

Ayesha brought out her Raleigh ladies bicycle and asked if Joe was ready.

“See you both later then; Joe would you like to stay for dinner?

“Thank you that would be nice.”

The two of them pedalled away up the street as Sonja closed the door.

Joe led the way as they cycled up towards Billy Mill then down onto Beach Road.

When they got to the Park Hotel in Tynemouth they turned left and carried on through Cullercoat’s then onto Whitley Bay they carried on until they came past the Delaval Arms” once they reached the beach there they looked for somewhere to sit. Ayesha had brought a tartan car blanket and some food.

Joe chained up the bikes then helped Ayesha spread the blanket in one of the dunes.

It was a lovely day the sun was beating down on them so Joy took off his coat.

Ayesha had her shorts on today and it was the first time he had actually seen her legs.

They were very long and shapely; Joe couldn’t keep his eyes of them as she lay against his chest.

They looked out at the sea they could see the power station at Blyth and many ships as they sailed out of the Tyne to the North Sea.

“It’s my birthday next week said Joe I’m going to have a birthday tea. Do you think your mam, dad, and Yasmin would come if I asked them?

“If they have no plans I’m sure they will come.”

“Good because I’m going to ask them tonight.”

“What about me then; am I not invited?

“Nah; Joe joked.”

 She dug him in the ribs playfully then they both rolled around on the blanket until she was looking up at him. He came down on top of her then kissed her hard on the lips.

Ayesha put her arms around him and held him.

Joe was exploring her body with his hands. They were both feeling things that they had never experienced before.

Joe sat up first and Ayesha put her arms around him from behind and began to kiss his neck.

He told her to stop and she asked why. Joe explained that she was only fourteen; she wouldn’t be fifteen for another two months and even then it was against the law for them to have sex until she was sixteen.

“We can still kiss though can’t we?

“Yes but we mustn’t go further because it is wrong and your parents have entrusted me with you.

Have you done it before then?


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