Forever in my Heart

A story of young love when the daughter of a priest and black south African woman falls for a young lad from North Shields. Will their relationship survive the racial prejudice.


10. 10

Joe spent the rest of the afternoon learning how to read maps and how to plot a course.

Mr Flett used a yacht donated by Smiths Docks moored at North Shields Fish Quay where he would take pupils who were interested in a career at sea onto.

Mr Flett taught them all there was to know about seamanship which would stand them in good stead when they left school to either go to college or join a trawler on the quay.

After school Joe ran home where he awaited the phone to ring; when it eventually rang Joe jumped out of the chair like a bullet shot from a gun.

“I’ll get it he proclaimed as he picked up the receiver.

“Hello this is the Simpson residence; how can I help you he asked.

There was a little chuckle on the other end of the line so Joe knew it was Ayesha.

“Hi Joe, it’s me.”

“Hi Ayesha, did you ask your mam if you can go with me tonight?

“Yes I did and she says it’s alright; I can go as long as you make sure I get home at eleven.

“I will; I will pick you up at six fifteen.

“Alright see you soon.”


“Mam I’m going to the Rex tonight with Ayesha tonight to see “A ring of Bright Water.”

“Who’s in it?

“Virginia McKenna and Bill Travers, I think.”

“Should be good then said his mam as he washed and changed into a pair of Levi jeans and a light blue polo necked sweater with dark blue and white hooped sleeves and the same under the chest. He wore a pair of black platform shoes that were polish to a high shine with cherry blossom. ”A shine on your shoes say’s a lot about you” was the TV slogan.

Joe cleaned his teeth with Colgate then combed his blonde hair. He looked in the mirror to check that his teeth and hair were right before putting on his Timex watch that his father and mother had bought him as an eleven year old for his birthday.

“Right mam I’m off he said, as he kissed her on the cheek.”

“I won’t be late.”

“I know you wont.”

The door closed  and he was gone.


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