the adventures of Cathleen and Fletcher

The first chapter is a detailed explanation of what I want this story to be.


2. The Hogworts Adventure

Fletcher POV

It was Christmas, I was the only Gryffindor to have stayed this year. There were two Ravenclaws; My twin Thomas and his friend Shay, a Hufflepuff; a girl called Emma who was friends with Shay, and three Slytherins; two Asian kids, Aron and Leah, and a dark haired girl, Cathleen. The Slytherins sat at their table and the rest of us sat at the Ravenclaw’s one. Well when I say sat at, I was lying on the table. Thomas and Shay were whispering over a book, I think their trying to create a new spell,
“so it will dim their sight and hearing?” Emma asked Shay as Thomas made more notes,
“that’s pretty much it” Shay smiled at the Hufflepuff,
“and it lasts how long?”
“we don’t know yet” Thomas grumbled, “wanna be our test ginea pig Fletcher with your Gryffindor courage” Thomas grinned at me hopefully, I winced slightly as I knew this wasn’t going to end well.
“Sure…” I smiled warily at Thomas, huge grins broke out on the Ravenclaws’ faces. Shay took her wand from under some books and cast the spell.
“Ahhhh, ow that hurts” I shouted, Thomas looked concerned and Shay looked scared. “Just kidding, but I don’t think it worked, I can still see”
“that wasn’t funny Fletcher” Thomas grumbled, and I smirked.
“I’m going out for a fly now” I stood up and wandered off.
I got my broom out of the shed and took off. I flew around for a little while, I was suddenly feeling tired and the sound of wind was growing quiet. I stopped and floated in mid-air. I could feel the wind battering against my body, but I could no longer hear it. The light was dimming, but it was still only dinner time, so it shouldn’t be getting dark yet. I couldn’t see anything anymore, and I couldn’t remember which way I’d come,  I knew I was near the forest but I couldn’t see it. I was going to have to land, blind, good thing I’m a strong flyer. Without my sight it was hard to tell how close the grounds was, and that was a huge problem, I reached the ground faster than I realised, there was a white hot stab of pain in my leg and felt myself tumble from my broom. It was cold, I could feel the cold. I couldn’t find my wand or my broom, I couldn’t move due to the throbbing pain in my leg. I couldn’t hear, my eyes were open, but I couldn’t see.
I don’t know how long I lay there, be soon enough I felt the grass move near my face and a small hand press against my shoulder.
“Who’s there?” I whispered, or at least I think I whispered, “I can see or hear by the way, I feel off my broom and my right leg is killing me, and did I tell you I can’t see or hear” the small hand left my shoulder and I felt it on my leg. A second hand joined it and I felt the person checking my leg to see what was wrong.
“Ah” they rotated my ankle and a sharp pain shot up my leg. The small hand took mine and turned it over, palm up. Then I felt them drag their finger down my palm in a sharp stroke, and then they traced a ‘T’ on my hand.
“It?” I didn’t understand,
IT’S BROKEN, I CANT HEAL IT. They traced on my palm,
“that’s ok, I can’t either.” I smiled, “speaking of, I can’t find my wand, or broom”
K. was the simple stoke on my palm and the hand left. I wondered for a moment if they had abandoned me. I also wondered who it was. It can’t have been Thomas, because he would have traced his name first, so that narrowed it down to five people. I felt my wand pressed into my right hand, and the small hand took my left on.
I HAVE YOUR BROOM. The hand clasped mine, it was their left hand. I could feel a cool dullness spread over my leg. I realised they were immobilising my leg.
CAN YOU STAND NOW? I nodded, and stood up, but I wobbled and fell, there was a slight figure pressed against my side supporting me. Too small to be Emma or Aron, that narrowed it down to three people.

Mystery person POV
I supported him up to the hospital wing, each time we reached some stairs I traced how many and which direction on to his palm. I’d twisted my ankle on the way up to the castle. We walked into the hospital wing and I placed him on a bed. I sank down into the chair beside him but kept my hand clasped in his. I called to Pomfrey. She rushed over,
“what happened?” she asked.
“He fell off his broom, he also can’t see or hear.” I replied.
“Let go so I can check him over,” I released his hand and Pomfrey flicked her wand and checked him over. Then me, she gave me a potion to fix my ankle and tottered off to find one for his leg.
“Are you still there” he whispered, I gripped his hand and traced SORRY into his palm.
“It’s ok, just please don’t leave again, I know it sounds weak, but I feel very venerable not being able to see or hear” he whispered to me.


Fletcher POV
“What’s the time?” I asked,
DON’T KNOW was traced into my palm,
“ok” I could feel her, I decided it was a “her”, hand shaking, “are you cold?”
A LITTLE she traced, I slid my hand up her arm and brought my other hand up her other arm, and lifted her onto the bed beside me. She stiffened but eventually relaxed against my, resting her cheek on my chest. I rubbed a finger against her jumper sleeve
“wool?” breathed red in her ear.
CASHMEIRE was traced on my chest,
“sorry” I laughed, “You’re a Slytherin”
WELL SPOTTED, so that narrows it down to two people. I draped an arm over her waist as her breathing settled into a sleepful rhythm. And I two sank into sleep.
I woke up and I couldn’t see, my breathing quickened, but I couldn’t hear it.
CALM DOWN, was traced on my chest, ITS ALRIGHT, IM HERE.
I could feel the small girl in my arms, I took her hand in mine. She had smooth skin and short nails. Her fingers where thin, but strong, I could feel her warm breath in my neck, it was fast, and quickened with each movement of my hand on hers. I thought about who it could be. Cathleen or Leah. Cathleen was tall, Quiditch seeker, Leah was a shorter and not very sporty, Cathleen’s description suited this girl better. But why would Cathleen help me?
I moved my hand up to her cheek, I felt smooth skin that I imagined was pale and freckled. I traced my finger over paper thin eyelids that closed obediently and my finger passed across her lashes. My finger came to hover tentatively at the corner of her mouth, which twitched up in a smile. Suddenly I felt her jump from the bed and link her hand in mine as she obviously dropped back into the chair at my bedside. Then I felt Pomfrey’s business like, wrinkled hands on my leg checking the brake had healed. I sighed, I felt stupid now, who is the girl, but I won’t find out cause she wasn’t going to stay with me anymore. I felt Pomfrey lift a vial to my lips, I drank the potion. A sleeping potion. I felt the girl squeeze my hand as I slipped back into sleep.
I woke up and Pomfrey pressed another phial to my lips. I felt a warmth spread through my body. I could hear Magonigal and Snape whispering at the end of my bed. I realised my eyes were shut, I opened them and blinked at the bright light.
“Who was she?” I asked,
“she asked me not to tell you” Pomfrey smiled grimly at me, “I keep patient’s secrets”
“she wasn’t a patient” Snape drawled,
“yes she was, she sprained her ankle helping Mr Diligite here” Pomfrey snapped and moved off, leaving me to gather my stuff and leave.
“Breakfast in ten Mr Diligite” Magonigal told me and lead Snape from the room. I wandered down to the great hall and sat down. The other students had returned and the hall was brimming. I took my seat with the Gryffindors. I glanced at the Slytherin table and my eyes were met with sea green one, full of worry. So Cathleen is worried about me. She left the hall on her own, not even Leah followed her. I got up to follow the Slytherin girl. She walked out to a tree by the lake and leant against the trunk.

“What do you want? She snapped, I ignored her question
 “how is your ankle?” she glared at me
“fine” she snapped,
“im sorry” I growled and stormed off,
“for what?” she grabbed my wrist and swung me around to face her,
“why is it we communicate better when I can’t see and you can’t talk?” I whispered,
“Because you’re an idiot” she growled I DON’T KNOW she traced onto my palm, I grinned and closed my eyes,
“no, I think that’s you” I grinned, she pinched my palm, “in the nicest way possible”
WHY ARE YOU HERE? She traced on my palm,
“because I want answers” I whispered, leaning closer to her. Our breath mingled and I felt hers quicken, I opened my eyes and looked into hers. I leant forward and brushed my lips gently to hers. Minutes later she looked at me, confused as I sat down and leant on the tree, pulling her down beside me and draping her legs over mine. She leant against my chest and places a soft kiss to my collar bone.
“Why did you help me?” I whispered,
“Same reason im practically sitting in your lap” she rolled her eyes at me, I LOVE YOU
I smiled softly, I LOVE YOU TOO.



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