the adventures of Cathleen and Fletcher

The first chapter is a detailed explanation of what I want this story to be.


5. the bar

I watched her every Saturday night, she'd come in with two other girls, their dresses short and their heels high. Her dark brown hair was swept up on to of her head in a braid. They'd each grab a drink and go sit down in the back. They wold talk and laugh all night. boys would join them at the table and the ever growing group would become rowdy, I had to throw them out, I couldn't show her favouritism just because she was my girlfriend.

Hours later I would close up and go home, and like every other time she'd be piss-drunk and ready to yell at me,
"why'd ya throw is out?" she ask, "we aren't that loud" she exclaim, "im your girlfriend" she'd remind me, "you own the place" she'd yell. We would fright for an hour, something would get broken, we'd make out, we'd shag.

the next morning I'd wake up, she'd be coming home with a replacement for what ever we broke last night. That's how all our weekends have gone from the day we met.

that was until a few weeks ago. a few weeks ago is when I lost Cathleen Romanice.


I was behind the bar like normal, I gave Cathleen and her friends some drinks. we'd argued last night and she was pissed with me, we didn't make up, she wasn't drunk, I had been. My head was still pounding, I smiled at her as I handed her the drink, but she just scowled. I watched as they sat down at their usual table.

a man about our age came and asked for a drink, I passed him a drink and I watched as he sat with the girls at the back of the room. all the other boys in the room immediately decided to leave that table alone. At the end of the night I shooed Cathleen and friends from the bar so I could close up. As they left she looked me in the eye and smirked. I locked the doors and started to clean up.

and hour later I walked into our flat, like every other Saturday, she wasn't on the couch, like she normally would be, our bedroom door was open a crack. I pushed the door open to see her half naked on our bed, with the man from the bar. I threw him out, I was furious. She yelled at me, she slapped me. I threw her on the bed and she threw the lamp at me. I crawled on top of her on the bed and had my wicked way with her.


the next morning the lamp was replaced, but she was gone. I saw drops of blood on the bathroom door. I pushed the door open and there was a small puddle of blood on the floor. a note lay in the blood.
don't come after me, im gone, I don't exist anymore, im not dead, but you wont find me.

the man still visits my bar, but he hasn't seen her either, I always go home drunk. Her friends still visit my bar, they haven't seen her either. I break stuff, but its never replaced.


two months later I unlocked the flat door and walked in, I was sober tonight, for the first time in a long time. sitting on the couch was Cathleen, she was obviously in bad shape. her eyes were red rimed and her hair was matted.
"Fletcher?" she looked at me, her eyes were milky with blindness.
"yes dear?" I whispered,
"oh my gosh, Fletcher!" she started to cry. I knelt down beside her and wrapped my arms around her.
"where have you been? what happened?" I whispered, stroking her hair, she took a deep breath and explained she'd been living with her parents, until they found out she was with child and they kicked her out, she was living on the street where she was beat, which was why she was blind, how she was able to get into my flat she didn't know, I was just instinct.
"wait, pregnant, with who?" I whispered,
"its yours" she sobbed. I held her tight and told her everything would be alright.

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