The bucket list of two gods

This is the story of two gods, being Loki and Knight, checking off their bucket list. Why? Because they are old and their son, being Sci Lokison, is now ruling Asgard under his reign. The year is 5010 for Midgard and what awaits it is purely a year of the least unexpected old couple having fun checking off their bucket list. The bucket list of two gods.
This story is in Loki's perspective.
Started: 5.10.2015.
Completed: 5.17.2015 at 7:06 AM.
This is the last book about the couple from Wattpadheim known as 'LoKnight'. Their story as a couple ends here.


2. What a surprise


We went to California's Silicon Valley aboard newly designed air plane. Well, we are going there. We have yet to arrive. The space craft is humongous it reminded me of the Helicarrier Junior except it is designed for civilian transport. I saw the symbol of the Avengers above on the ceiling staring right back towards me.


This is strange.


"What are you staring at, Lok?" Knight asks.


"Look up," I said.


"That is not usual," Knight said.


"Last time I heard Avenger transports are not for civilian," I said, lowering my head down. "Perhaps it is time we pull a trick on the fellow passengers?" I add in a lowered voice. "We still have the air plane stunt on the list."


A smile curls on Knight's face.


"Sure do," Knight said.


We are thinking about the same thing.


"Knight,have you ever been aboard the Helicarrier Junior?" I ask.


Knight nods.


"Sci was very venturous as a toddler," Knight said. "I was the one who had to go after Sci because the servants were too slow for him!"


"...Sci sneaked aboard the Helicarrier Junior?" I ask, in shock.


"Yes," Knight said. "He did. Thank the stars he grew out of it."


Today is full of surprises.
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