The bucket list of two gods

This is the story of two gods, being Loki and Knight, checking off their bucket list. Why? Because they are old and their son, being Sci Lokison, is now ruling Asgard under his reign. The year is 5010 for Midgard and what awaits it is purely a year of the least unexpected old couple having fun checking off their bucket list. The bucket list of two gods.
This story is in Loki's perspective.
Started: 5.10.2015.
Completed: 5.17.2015 at 7:06 AM.
This is the last book about the couple from Wattpadheim known as 'LoKnight'. Their story as a couple ends here.


13. Unfinished business

...12:45 PM...




"Loki,what are you going to do while we are saving the world?" Shawn asks as I stand at the exit to the Helicarrier Junior.


"I will be bringing back SHIELD," I lied.


"Oooh," Shawn said, once realizing. "It has been centuries...well,really,a thousand years since they were in operation."


"This realm needs order between Federal Government and superheroes working tightly together," I said. "Go Shawn, I am pretty sure this generation needs its thunder."


Shawn gets off the platform.


"And by the way," I add. "When you get done; the Hellicarrier 2.0 is at the historic crater site made by the Hulk and once used as a national preserve for ancient water animals."


I press the red round button on the side then turn away hearing the platform go up.


I have other business to attend.
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