The bucket list of two gods

This is the story of two gods, being Loki and Knight, checking off their bucket list. Why? Because they are old and their son, being Sci Lokison, is now ruling Asgard under his reign. The year is 5010 for Midgard and what awaits it is purely a year of the least unexpected old couple having fun checking off their bucket list. The bucket list of two gods.
This story is in Loki's perspective.
Started: 5.10.2015.
Completed: 5.17.2015 at 7:06 AM.
This is the last book about the couple from Wattpadheim known as 'LoKnight'. Their story as a couple ends here.


1. Throw the dart

"They have not noticed the time capsule has been dug up," Knight said, looking over the balcony towards the hole in the middle of Times square.


On the wall across from us is a map.


"They are very slow noticing old technology is gone," I said. "They will notice in the morning."


Knight turns away from the balcony. Then she comes over then grabs a couple darts out of the box on a counter. We have a bucket list of things to do on Midgard. Many of these things are to be done before one of us dies. To be very accurate; before death decided to give both of us a visit. Knight and I couldn't very well decide on one place to go.


We are doing it on random.


Our list is really,really, really long.


"One dart," Knight said. "Perhaps the second thing to do-that will give us more bright ideas-is throw it anywhere on the map and go there."


There is a map across on the bedroom wall showing all of the continents to Midgard. Some new continents had sprouted out of the ocean body a couple thousand years ago, I remember it because most of Asgard were obsessed over the 'race around several planets to decide who gets the new land' and many found it hard to not bet on some contenders. I once found Sci betting on China! China, seriously?, there are other nations than China.


"Sounds like a good idea," I said.


Knight throws the dart.


The dart lands on California.


"I heard California is now the Silicon Valley of the United States," I said.


We do not have a thing to do in California's Silicon Valley.


"Let's have fun with that," Knight said. "But we are doing it 'Betty Whites out of their rockers' style."


"Oh!" I said. "The old mortal from Lake Placid?"


Knight nods.


"Yes," Knight said.


"This will be fun," I said.
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