The bucket list of two gods

This is the story of two gods, being Loki and Knight, checking off their bucket list. Why? Because they are old and their son, being Sci Lokison, is now ruling Asgard under his reign. The year is 5010 for Midgard and what awaits it is purely a year of the least unexpected old couple having fun checking off their bucket list. The bucket list of two gods.
This story is in Loki's perspective.
Started: 5.10.2015.
Completed: 5.17.2015 at 7:06 AM.
This is the last book about the couple from Wattpadheim known as 'LoKnight'. Their story as a couple ends here.


14. The flight to business

"Look!" The reporter shouts, pointing towards two human figures near the 'H' part to the Hollywood logo. "There is Shawn dealing with the long lost Avenger Iron Lady!"


I have the television on while flying to a specific state.


My left eye is watching the television and my right eye is paying attention to the sky.


"Come on, let's see what is going on!" The reporter shouts.


The reporter is a man, sorry for the disappointment though.


The reporter and the camera man get closer enough but far enough to hear a conversation without getting into the middle of the little conflict in store. In the distance across from the Hollywood sign is a city in peril. The advantage to watching the news is that some acts of heroism are caught. People prove themselves using the unexpected items for defense and fighting. To be honest George Winter proved himself worthy of the shield saving a bus full of civilians.


So yes, George has the shield.


"Tonya," Shawn said, with his left hand out. "Give me the scepter."


The Mjolnir is leaning against the square left corner of the 'h'.


I am heading to Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


"Give you this?" Tonya asks, shaking the scepter. Tonya sarcastically laughs turning her head away briefly. "Uh no."


"I know this isn't you talking," Shawn said, lowering his left hand. "That is the scepter."


"What do you know about the scepter?" Tonya asks.


"I know a good deal about it," Shawn said. "It is using you like a puppet. Hand it over to me. We can end this."


"No," Tonya refuses.


"You have left me no choice," Shawn said, then the hammer is summoned into his left hand. "I have to do this the hard way.""


Then guess what?


Shawn used the Mjolnir like a baseball bat.


Except a large ball of thunder came flying right out of the metal bulk. The ball of thunder crashes into Tonya which made her collide against the 'o' part of the Hollywood sign. The big 'o' fell out of the line up onto the ground. The ball of thunder had created a large boom sending cackles in the dark cloud filled sky. Shawn walks over to Tonya's unconscious body then picks up the scepter. But what he did next is truly astounding, honestly.


Shawn broke the scepter in half using his right knee.


"He just broke it," The reporter said, in utter shock.


Shawn taps on a object in his ear.


"I got it,Elizame." Shawn said. "And Tonya is out." He looks perplexed. "What? Then lets get that portal closed!"


I turn off the television.


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