The bucket list of two gods

This is the story of two gods, being Loki and Knight, checking off their bucket list. Why? Because they are old and their son, being Sci Lokison, is now ruling Asgard under his reign. The year is 5010 for Midgard and what awaits it is purely a year of the least unexpected old couple having fun checking off their bucket list. The bucket list of two gods.
This story is in Loki's perspective.
Started: 5.10.2015.
Completed: 5.17.2015 at 7:06 AM.
This is the last book about the couple from Wattpadheim known as 'LoKnight'. Their story as a couple ends here.


18. Business pt 3

...Somewhere in SHIELD's base...


...September 2nd...2012...7:30 AM...


"Bruce, do you have my leg in possession?" I ask, with a temporary leg.


Bruce looks up from a microscope.


"Woah," Bruce said, observing me. "You...actually lost a leg."


I roll an eye.


"To be frank I did," I said. "Now answer my question, please."


"I did not know you lost a leg," Bruce said.


"So, that is a no," I said. I stare at Bruce for a moment. "You did not notice I lacked a right leg while going after Clarise?"


"I was busy," Bruce said.


"Go figure," I said. "Sorry for wasting your time, perhaps my leg is in the bio engineering lab."


I turn around then walk away from Bruce.


I hear a fake cough from Bruce.


I look over towards Bruce.


"Why did you lose a leg so easily?"  Bruce asks.


"I turned myself into a young mortal," I said. "I am an old man in a young body..." I pause. "Bruce,do you still read books?"


"I do," Bruce said.


"I want you to remember this," I said. "There is a site called Wattpad with free unlimited stories you can get lost in."


"How do you spell it?" Bruce asks.


"W-a-t-t-p-a-d," I said, as Bruce wrote down on a piece of paper the name.  "...And Bruce, one last request, you are not to tell anyone I suggested the site."


Bruce looks up from the paper.


"Sure," Bruce said, putting down the pen. "What about the media? Everyone saw you in Hong Kong."


"Impersonator," I said. "A really terrible one."


I turn away from Bruce then walk out of the room. The halls have boards near to the doors indicating what room is behind them. I find myself missing Knight. I cannot blame myself for doing that. I did not have a picture of Knight in my pockets.  I can visualize Knight holding our little boy as a baby in her arms looking so happy. I remember Baby Sci having a strong grip on my index finger.  Even with being king of Asgard I still was able to be there for Sci's milestones.


I wish I can disguise myself as someone else. Just so the members of SHIELD could not stare at me so awkwardly. But then again saying an imposter is roaming the Hellicarrier makes a lot more sense. A imposter in a great deal of a mess. A long time ago I was able to say 'stare at me all you want' to their faces but now it is very different. I have to lie.


"Hello, good sir," Came Agent Karter. "Why do you look like Loki?"


"Because I am a fan?" I suggest.


"A fan of a maniac," Agent Karter said. "That is new."


"More of an intelligent man," I said. "Your code name is DeadPool."


Agent Karter stares at me.


"How the hell do you know that?" Agent Karter asks.


"Well," I said. "It is common news around this gigantic spaceship. To be honest I am a look alike of Loki."


"Look alike my ass," Agent Karter said.


"It is the truth," I lied. "I cross my heart and hope to die."


"Then what is your name?" Agent Karter said, folding his arms.


"Tom J.T. Goodheart," I lied. "But I prefer to be called Tom. Dressing this way is more of a...fashionable hobby."


"I bet you get a lot of tomatoes thrown at you, Tom," Agent Karter said.


"No," I lied. "I get roses, violets, and sun flowers tossed to me."


Agent Karter looks down towards my legs and then back up towards me.


"You lost your leg over it," Agent Karter said. "Someone must have gone through the trouble to attack you in Hong Kong to do that."


"I was visiting with my friends, who were killed, for a tour in Hong Kong," I lied. "Loki has a lot of fangirls in Hong Kong than Optimus Prime."


"Optimus Prime is a fictional robot," Agent Karter said.


"So?" I said. "That does not stop him from getting fangirls. As I once heard Optimus say 'Never say never'."


Agent Karter looks at me, baffled.


"Optimus never said that," Agent Karter said.


"Oh yeah?" I ask. "Look it up."


Agent Karter takes out a mobile phone. I walk past Agent Karter feeling pretty amused I used a quote made by a Canadian singer and claimed it was Optimus who said it. I have not lost my touch on tricking mortals. Mortals are so gullible.


I made my way into the bio engineering room.


The door is remarkably cliché enough that I ignored the sign and knew what the room was.  The door has a triangle shaped window, the shape of a bio hazard symbol right below the middle where the window rests, and the inside to the room is clear as day. There are white counters, people dressed in what I cannot describe, equipment with images on the screens, and little claw like machines poking at my big toe.


"You are not supposed to be here," The first bio engineer said, shortly after I came in.


I laugh, shaking my right hand.


"Of course I am," I said. "I need you to bring my leg to me after Clarise is dead."


"...Wait that is your leg?" The second bio engineer asks.


"Yes," I said.


The bio engineers stare at me mostly in fear and perplexed what to do.


"I am not Loki," I said. "My name is Tom J.T. Newheart." I hold my right hand out. "Call me Tom."


The first bio engineer, being wary, cautiously shook my hand.


"Sorry but the resemblance is remarkable," The first bio engineer said.


I end the hand shake.


"I get that all the time," I lied.


"Your leg...." The second bio engineer starts. "It is by far unique. Unlike usual legs it has regenerative qualities such as replacing a lost toe."


"So it can regenerate a whole body?" I ask.


"Enough with the star fish jokes." The third bio engineer said. "It can regenerate toes." He eyes at me in an odd way. "Can you regenerate fingers?"


"No," I said. "I...I was born differently; for a long time I knew how long it would take for my toes to be replaced."


"That is beyond cool," The second bio engineer said. I nod.


"How will we know this 'Clarise' is dead?" The first bio engineer asks.


"Fury will tell you where I am when she is dead and he will be notified straight away. There is such thing as energy signatures." I explain, and add a sigh. "The leg must be brought to me on the double because I will be leaving soon after Clarise is dead."


"We will," The first bio engineer said, nodding.


"...And stop tickling my big toe," I said. "I want you put my leg away and never speak a word of what you saw today." "Bu...but..." The second bio engineer said, in horror. "It is ground breaking!"


"No research comes out of this," I said. "I know a way to alert the very god himself that his imposter's leg is being used as a play toy for science."


"So not!" The second bio engineer said.


"You can't do that," The third bio engineer said, in denial.


"Yes I can," I said. "I know some gods from Asgard to sneak a message in."


The third bio engineer presses some buttons on the keyboard. The machinery lowers down and ceases to move.
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