The bucket list of two gods

This is the story of two gods, being Loki and Knight, checking off their bucket list. Why? Because they are old and their son, being Sci Lokison, is now ruling Asgard under his reign. The year is 5010 for Midgard and what awaits it is purely a year of the least unexpected old couple having fun checking off their bucket list. The bucket list of two gods.
This story is in Loki's perspective.
Started: 5.10.2015.
Completed: 5.17.2015 at 7:06 AM.
This is the last book about the couple from Wattpadheim known as 'LoKnight'. Their story as a couple ends here.


16. Business part 1

I find myself on the ground.


Oh by the stars, did I make a mistake by giving Clarise a little power on the fight's specifications? I get up rubbing the back of my neck seeing city lights in the darkness. I remember...wait...oh hell. What I was thinking turning us both into mortals and be relatively at the same age? What I mean is; we are young, no magic is allowed, and we are both mortal. Anything in the surroundings is our capable to be used as weapons.


"Good to see you are awake," I hear Clarises's voice.


I turn around picking up a metal pipe.


"Knocking me out is not part of the specifications," I said.


Clarise laughs.


"Fool!" Clarise said. "You went out because my specification on our little..." She makes a pause. "Fight is going to happen in the original timeline." I raise my eyebrows. "I know what you did. I know everything. But I have no beef over that. We are in Hong Kong,year 2012, September 1st."




Original timeline.


This is months after the battle in New York City!


"No," I said, in horror. "You did not just do that."


"Only one of us is going back to where we belong," Clarise said, with a grin.


I hear a click and suit of armor comes over Clarise. I drop the pipe in panic realizing a simple pipe would not make a great weapon against that kind of fight. I ran seeing the glass windows ahead of me while seeing the armored figure coming after me.


There is a building right across.


It is worth a shot to land in the other building!


I tore through the glass over the city limits hearing the honking and language to the people below being spoken. I grab on to a black long item extending out of the firm wall. I look up seeing Clarise crash landing into the building. Damn it I should have not made us both mortal. Now all I have to worry about is one of the not-so-busy Avengers coming to and making a much more confusing scene. I swing myself through a window landing on the floor feet first.


"It is Loki!" A man shouts in his native tongue.


I look up with a smile.


"Why yes I am," I said. "Now give me a gun or a shot gun,either will do!"


"Like hell I will!" The man said.


I see a gun on the table hearing the large noisy sounds to metal boots tearing its way down.


"Just what I need," I said, grabbing the gun. People back away in fear. "Stay out of this and you will live."


"He has a gun!" Another man shouts. "Tackle him!"


I take a step to the side and let the men kill themselves by going through the window.


"I told you so," I said, shaking the gun. "Now who wants to be a fool and share their fate?" No one said a word. "Everyone go to the business room; right now!"


Clarise tore through the wall surprising me all the while.


I click the trigger shooting round after round at the armor. But that did not work apparently as the bullets lodged themselves into the armor not making a full lodged wound into Clarise. We crash land across from the building on the pavement to the side-walk. I feel a bruise coming to on the side of my waist. I use the neighboring wall as my support.


Big flying balls with rounded lens appear out of no where.


"Your curse on me is over," Clarise said. "And so will your time with your dear old wife."


I feel around my pocket for the device.


"I have it," Clarise said, shaking it in her metal hand. "Loser."


" tricked me!" I said. "You used my failing mind against me to get it!"


"It was rather easy," Clarise said.


"You are worse than Tonya," I said.


"Look at the media taping this, Loki," Clarise said. "It is all over the news now. The man who attacked New York is fighting against an armored and very over powered unknown African American woman. And not even his past self is aware about it."


"I intend to leave it that way!" I shout back.


"And your future is right in my hands," Clarise said. "Lets see how Hong Kong fairs against...a missile in it's streets!"


Clarise slams her metal arm into the ground sending a large explosion. I land on the ground coughing and hearing a sharp ringing in my ears. Cars had been flipped over. People ran covered in flames. The gun I had in my hands is now gone from my grasp. I feel a sharp pain from my leg.


I drag myself forwards on the ground.


How pathetic this is.


I come to a stop seeing a large metal foot in my way.


"Any last words?" Clarise asks.


I look up towards Clarise.


"You forgot about the Avengers of Midgard," I said. "You have forgotten the original."


Clarise holds up a fusion canon.


"Hah," Clarise said. "I don't believe they are that fast!"


Suddenly something shot Clarise away in the way of a car pile.


"Seriously?" I hear a femiliar voice. "Am I catching you again?"


I lower my head, in relief, but glad in pain.


I look over my shoulder seeing a floating man in armor.


"Hello, old friend," I said.


"We're not friends," Tony said.


I had a painful smile.


"I am not your Loki," I said. "And I am missing a leg. Normally a god does not lose a leg!"


"Wait what?" Tony said.


"Look down," I said.


Tony looks down.


"My eyes!" Tony shouts,covering his mask. "My eyes are burning!"


"And I am very mortal," I said. "Stark,I am sorry for my mess to end this way."


"THIS IS NOT OVER!" Clarise shouts as she came closer.


I hate being a young mortal.


"How the hell did you escape?" Tony asks.


"I never did," I said.


A large green figure gets in Clarise's way.


"...Explain," Tony said, as The Hulk tosses Clarise down the street then picks up a street sign and went after her.


"I am from the future," I said.


"Bull crap," Tony said.


"I am really from the future," I said. "At least...not the future of this timeline." I saw the figure of a metal humanoid figure flying away into the darkness. I feel my consciousness being lost. "...Please...don't call Thor..."


I fell unconscious.  
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