Under Scrutiny

A story of back street abortion in 1948 and how the change came about where women were given contraception and could go to a clinic to have a termination. A doctor who's ex- wife dies of cancer is left to bring up his daughter who has downs syndrome. His perception of the disability is changed when he discovers that his daughter is brighter than he first thought. This is a story of acceptance and the love between a disabled girl and her father. The story includes prize fighting when Billy Tugg Fawcett and his friend a black heavyweight fighter called Bill Peters fight their way to a title fight but gangsters and racketeers are after Bill when he refuses to throw a fight.


67. 67

Greg got back around eight thirty; Ruth came out of the kitchen to ask how his meeting had gone.

“He listened and he said that he would take my comments on board and broach the subject in the House of Commons.

“We waited for you coming back before we had dinner; are you hungry?


As promised Ruth had made a carbonara with caramelised onions, gammon pieces, and green peppers.” Ruth also opened a bottle of wine to go with the meal.

Mollie was enjoying her meal; she was twirling her fork in the spaghetti the way Ruth had shown her.

“Did you enjoy the play group Mollie?

“Yes daddy, I played with John and Christine; they are my friends. “ Can they come to my house to play daddy?

“Yes, I don’t see why not; do you Ruth?

“How about this Friday?

Actually, I said Thursday after play group, hope you don’t mind? “I also invited Lynn to come along.”

“That is fine with me; would you like me to cook?

“Only if you really want to Greg

“I was thinking its Mollies Birthday and we could have a little party for her.

“You know I forgot all about it; thanks for reminding me.

“What would Mollie like for her birthday?

“Can I have a rabbit daddy?

“We would have to buy a hutch to keep it in and then you would have to look after it. Then clean out the hutch every day, and also feed it.

“I will, I promise said Mollie.”

“What do you think Ruth should we get Mollie a rabbit?

“I think it’s a great idea; we can save all the cabbage and lettuce leaves and grow more carrots.

“Right I will take you to the pet shop this week end.

“Oh thank you daddy; John and Christine will love to see my rabbit.

I will make a rabbit run for her; my father kept rabbits and he showed me how to make them.

“That’s great.

I will slip into town this afternoon and buy the wood and chicken wire.

Greg gave her twenty pounds to cover the cost. If I can get the hutch in the boot then I will get it.

“Even better you may need more money then.

“Don’t worry; I will buy Mollie the hutch for her birthday.


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