Under Scrutiny

A story of back street abortion in 1948 and how the change came about where women were given contraception and could go to a clinic to have a termination. A doctor who's ex- wife dies of cancer is left to bring up his daughter who has downs syndrome. His perception of the disability is changed when he discovers that his daughter is brighter than he first thought. This is a story of acceptance and the love between a disabled girl and her father. The story includes prize fighting when Billy Tugg Fawcett and his friend a black heavyweight fighter called Bill Peters fight their way to a title fight but gangsters and racketeers are after Bill when he refuses to throw a fight.


45. 45

“Are you coming to play group Daddy?

“Yes give me a minute Mollie.

Greg walked through to where Ruth was fixing her hair and knocked on the door.

“Mollie has asked me to come to the play group with her so if you would like to have the afternoon off then feel free.”

I said that I would meet the owner of the group this afternoon for a coffee.

“Well it is pointless taking two cars so we can go in mine if you don’t mind.

“Alright, if you can get Mollie into the car I will be right out.

Greg took Mollie by the hand to the car and was surprised when he opened the door Mollie got in then closed it after.

“Hurry up Ruth, Mollie said as they waited for her to come out.

Shortly after; Ruth closed the door. Greg noticed that she was wearing slacks today with a red blouse. She also wore a chiffon scarf around her neck and had two red slides at either side of her blonde hair.

“You look very nice if I may say so said Greg.”

“Thank you.”

Greg looked over at her again as he turned the ignition.

Greg drove very cautiously as they headed towards North Shields town centre.

“You are a good driver Greg, how long have you been driving?

“Since I was about 17 really; my father let me drive his car on waste ground when he was teaching me. By the time I had a proper lesson I could drive. I learned the Highway Code off by heart and passed my test the following week.

“Very impressive indeed.”

“I was desperate to get a car because I took my degree at Durham University and it meant I could come home at weekends.

“How did you meet your wife?

She was doing a sociology degree; we went for a drink in the village in Durham one night and she got pregnant after the first time we slept together; unbeknown to me she took a concoction of various pills in order to abort the child she was carrying.

Mollie was born prematurely and with Downs Syndrome.

“We got married because we thought it the right thing to do at that time but we soon discovered that Mollie had created a wedge between us. Then she started seeing Tom who was golf pro who was giving her more than instruction in golf.

I found out and filed for divorce.

She got the house and kept Mollie because I wasn’t financially able to at that time. I hadn’t taken my final exams then.

“Well the rest you know.

“What about you then why haven’t you settled down?

“I haven’t met the right man yet.

“Would you every consider marriage again Greg/

“Yes if I met the right woman.”

“There are plenty of them out there you know.

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