Under Scrutiny

A story of back street abortion in 1948 and how the change came about where women were given contraception and could go to a clinic to have a termination. A doctor who's ex- wife dies of cancer is left to bring up his daughter who has downs syndrome. His perception of the disability is changed when he discovers that his daughter is brighter than he first thought. This is a story of acceptance and the love between a disabled girl and her father. The story includes prize fighting when Billy Tugg Fawcett and his friend a black heavyweight fighter called Bill Peters fight their way to a title fight but gangsters and racketeers are after Bill when he refuses to throw a fight.


34. 34

It was Mollie who woke up first she went to the toilet by herself and even washed and dried her hands and made sure everything was in order before going into Ruth’s room.

Ruth woke with a stir then looked at the alarm clock it was seven o’clock.

Sliding out of the bed she grabbed her dressing gown.

“Good Morning Mollie is daddy up yet?


Alright I will go to the bathroom then I will make your breakfast can you go sit in the kitchen I will be in shortly.

Mollie turned around and ran out of the room and into the kitchen.

Ruth walked past Greg’s door and heard him moving around in his room. She hurried into the bathroom and locked the door.

Greg walked into the kitchen and saw Mollie sitting at the table; he knew Ruth was in the bathroom because he could hear the shower running.

He popped the kettle on and gave Mollie a bowl of coco pops which were her favourite cereal.

He place two slices of bread in the toaster then sat next to Mollie who was devouring the coco pops.

“Take your time Mollie.”

“I like coco pops; they nice.”

“They are nice Mollie; not they nice.

“They are nice she repeated.”

 “That’s right.

“Would you like so orange juice Mollie?

“Yes please.”

Greg was taking out a glass as Ruth came into the kitchen; sorry Greg I over slept.

We will have to organise a rota for the bathroom he laughed.

“Look I’ve made a pot of tea and there’s toast in the rack help yourself I’m going for a shower.


“Could you pour Mollie a glass of orange please the glass is on the bench?

“Yes I will; don’t worry.”

The bathroom door closed and the shower began to run as Ruth pored out the orange juice.

“Here Mollie drink this then we will get you ready for school.”

“Don’t like school; I want to go to play group.

“Now if you’re good and go to school it is Saturday tomorrow and I will take you to the play group.”

“Alright I go to school.”

“Alright; I Will go to school Ruth corrected her.”

“When you finish school today would you like to help me in the garden?

 “I like the garden.”

“Right then you can help me plant some flowers and vegetables; would you like that?

Mollie clapped her hands an nodded her head.


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