Under Scrutiny

A story of back street abortion in 1948 and how the change came about where women were given contraception and could go to a clinic to have a termination. A doctor who's ex- wife dies of cancer is left to bring up his daughter who has downs syndrome. His perception of the disability is changed when he discovers that his daughter is brighter than he first thought. This is a story of acceptance and the love between a disabled girl and her father. The story includes prize fighting when Billy Tugg Fawcett and his friend a black heavyweight fighter called Bill Peters fight their way to a title fight but gangsters and racketeers are after Bill when he refuses to throw a fight.


12. 12

Tug Fawcett smashed a right hook into the body of Slugger O’Tool; he quickly followed up with a straight left then dropped Jarrow man with a crunching left hook.

O’Toole fell back against the hay bales that had been placed three high around the barn to form a make shift ring. There was a good contingent of people watching and Tug had laid a ten pounds side bet on himself to win.

The referee counted over the Jarrow man until he reached the count of eight then told the men to carry on Tug went straight back into the attack with lefts and rights that had the Jarrow man’s mouth pouring blood. His right was closing fast as Tug belted him around the ring.

O’Toole tried gamely to throw something back at Tug Fawcett but ended up hitting thin air. Three punches later and the fight was over. The Slugger lay on his back after two straight lefts and a right uppercut put him down for the full count.

“His father was the first to congratulate his son on another fine win.

Bill Peter’s dispatched the Ashington Iron man in less than a round without any injuries this time. He picked up a cut eye in his last bout when he was head butted.

They picked up their purse money before leaving.


On the way home Bill asked if they were going for a drink. Norman said he would have to drop the car off first before going out because he wouldn’t drink and drive.

“That’s okay said Tug; you’re paying for the taxi home.

“Bloody knew there was a catch said Norman as he rounded the corner which led to Hopper Street where he lived. He parked up and the three men got out. Norman rushed into the house quickly to tell his wife he was going for a pint with his fighter’s

A minute later they were all walking down the road.

“Right which pub we going to lets go to “The Crane said Bill Peters we may get a domino game going.”

Fifteen minutes later they walked into the Crane and Bill Peters went to the bar to get the drinks in.

Tug and Norman looked around for somewhere to sit. There was a table on the far end of the room so they squeezed past the tables and sat down.

There was an old lady sitting in the corner smoking a clay pipe they all nodded in her direction. She gave them a toothless smile as Bill returned with a tray of drinks.

“I hope the Brown Ale is cold said Norman; I hate warm beer.”

“Its cold don’t worry the barmaid knows me.”

They all fell silent whilst they poured the beer from the bottles; after which they raised their glasses. “To Victory said Tug; “Victory the voiced they then sank the glass of beer in one.


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