Jasmine by Moonlight

Two young girls on a caravan holiday meet two young lads from Whitley Bay.
One of them is a promising artist who works for his father who owns the rides in the Spanish City Amusement Park. This is a story of love and prejudice between a Multi millionaire Spanish father and the English Art Student. The father does not think that this man is good enough for his daughter, although he is married to a Scottish woman.


9. 9

The time was twenty past five when the girls collected their bags Shook the towels then headed back to the caravan.

They walked along the promenade in their bare feet on the grass until they reached the Whitley Bay cemetery then put on a pair of flip flops as the path had small stones scattered from the cars on the road.

“Where are you meeting Ivan tonight?

“He said that there was a disco on at the “Berkley Tavern up stairs.

“Where is that?

 It’s across the road from the Silver City; you know where Gerry parked his bike?

“Oh yes, I remember now”

“Are you going to Gerry’s Studio again?

“Yes, about seven he said.”

“He must be some artist then aye?

They both laughed as they found their caravan and opened the door.

“Are you going to come along to the disco later?

“Who knows; I don’t know where we are going but we will try and pop in later if we have time.

“Well then if you don’t turn up I know you will be doing some art work with Gerry;

“Don’t wake me up in the morning when you come in mind; I want a lie in”

“I won’t.”


Both the girls showered before doing their hair and make up.  Jasmine wore very little apart from a little eye make up and lipstick.

Jasmine wore a red dress which showed off her splendid figure; it hugged against her skin and it was a good five inches above the knee. She also wore some black suede heels. To compliment the dress she wore a gold neck lace and a gold bracelet that her mother had bought her for her eighteenth birthday. She put on some Channel No5 on her neck and wrists before going out to the phone box to order a taxi on the site.

Sarah was wearing a pair of flares with sequins down each leg and a black singlet with a low collar which showed off her best assets. Sarah put on some soft pink lipstick and topped it with lip gloss. She sprayed on some “Charlie perfume before getting into the taxi that was waiting outside for them.

The taxi driver asked where they were going and Jasmine explained.

A few minutes later Sarah got out then went into the Berkley Tavern. Where to now miss said the taxi driver. “Can you drop me just outside the Tynemouth Priory please?

“No problem; miss.”


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