Jasmine by Moonlight

Two young girls on a caravan holiday meet two young lads from Whitley Bay.
One of them is a promising artist who works for his father who owns the rides in the Spanish City Amusement Park. This is a story of love and prejudice between a Multi millionaire Spanish father and the English Art Student. The father does not think that this man is good enough for his daughter, although he is married to a Scottish woman.


3. 3

“What part of Scotland are you from?

“We are from Stirling near Edinburgh.”

“What are your names then; my name’s Gerry.”

“My name is Sarah and this is my friend Jasmine. They both were looking at the lad as he took money from another car before coming back again. “Jasmine doesn’t say much does she? But she’s a bonny lass said Gerry in his broad Geordie accent.”

Gerry jumped off the back of the dodgem and went to collect more money.

“Looks like you’ve scored Jasmine, he likes you.”

 “Do you think so?

“Think so I bloody know so, look I bet he comes back again and if he does he’s definitely interested. The dodgems started moving and the cars went around the arena they looked around for Gerry but he was no where to be seen.

“Well looks like you hunch was wrong said Jasmine as they tried to avoid a car that had gone out of control. Then there was a bump from behind them and they turned around to see Gerry.

“Sorry, it was the only way I could get your attention.”

“What are you both doing later?

“Well we were going to go to the beach.”

“Look my mate Ivan and I get off in an hour; would you fancy coming for a coffee or something with us?

“Aye, why not; said Sarah.”

 “I don’t know said Jasmine defensively.”

“If you would rather not Jasmine I will under stand but if you change your mind there’s a café on the sea front called the Silver City “We know it said Sarah; we were in there earlier.

“Well then we will see you both in there.”

Gerry climbed out of the car as they stopped moving. Jasmine said ‘we aren’t going are we?

“Why not Jasmine, what else we going to do tonight?

They headed for the ghost train.

What do you think of him then Jasmine? I think he looks like David Cassidy but a lot taller. Did you see his eyes?

“I never really noticed.”

“You could have fooled me Jasmine, you couldn’t keep your eyes off him; I saw you.”

“He’s got a cute little bum as well aye.”

Jasmine laughed.


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