Jasmine by Moonlight

Two young girls on a caravan holiday meet two young lads from Whitley Bay.
One of them is a promising artist who works for his father who owns the rides in the Spanish City Amusement Park. This is a story of love and prejudice between a Multi millionaire Spanish father and the English Art Student. The father does not think that this man is good enough for his daughter, although he is married to a Scottish woman.


19. 19

Gerry was going to answer the door before they had even rang the door bell but his father stopped him.

“First rule son; do not pander to people just because they have money.”

The door bell rang and Jimmy Crow went to the door.

Jimmy opened the door and asked them in Mr Fernandez did not let his wife in first but walked into the house as it was nothing but a wooden shack.

Alice welcomed Antony, Helen, and Jasmine. Hello, Mrs Crow said Helen. Please, call Me Alice. Can I take your coats?

Jimmy crow stood up and walked towards Antony Fernandez he stuck out his hand and said hi, I’m Jimmy Crow, Antony took his hand and shook it.’ and this is my son Gerald said Jimmy proudly. Again Antony shook the hand that was offered him.

“Look can I get you folks a drink? We have everything from whiskey to cocktails.

Do you have single malt asked Antony?

 “Yes as matter of fact it’s my preferred tipple.

“Then I would like one thank you.”

Helen what can I get you to drink; and Jasmine.

A gin and tonic would be nice thanks.

Jasmine asked for a glass of coke.

Alice handed them all their drinks.

Gerry couldn’t keep his eyes off Jasmine who sat with her mother on the leather chesterfield suit.

I have a gift for you Mrs Fernandez said Gerry as he went into the kitchen and brought out the painting.

“Thank you; you are so kind.”

“Why don’t you open it Helen?

Helen untied the string then unwrapped the painting.

“That is an amazing likeness, did you paint this Gerald?

“Yes, Mrs Fernandez.

Look Antony isn’t it good?

Your son is very talented but is this how your son makes his living?

 Gerry answered, I’m at university studying art sir, and I hope one day to be a graphic artist.

“What kind of salary would you expect to earn from that?

“About forty thousand pounds a year replied Gerry.”

“Do you think that this is enough money to keep my daughter in the manner that she has been accustomed?

“I think it is a good start sir.

Jimmy Crow poured Antony another scotch.

“Does it have to be about money Antony; I started out with one truck and now I’m fairly well off. I have my own business.

“I know all about your business Mr Crow.

I know nothing of yours replied Jimmy; please enlighten us.


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