Jasmine by Moonlight

Two young girls on a caravan holiday meet two young lads from Whitley Bay.
One of them is a promising artist who works for his father who owns the rides in the Spanish City Amusement Park. This is a story of love and prejudice between a Multi millionaire Spanish father and the English Art Student. The father does not think that this man is good enough for his daughter, although he is married to a Scottish woman.


18. 18

Gerry filled his time in by making canvases working from memory and sketches of Jasmine that he had done when he first saw her.

Before he knew it he had over twenty pieces of work.

There was a knock at the door so Gerry went down to answer it.

When he opened it he saw his father and mother.

Come up he said as he kissed his mother.

His father walked around his studio looking at the vast array of canvases.

“Someone’s been busy; is this Jasmine?

 “Yes father.

I now understand; she is beautiful isn’t she Alice.

“She is very pretty indeed Gerry.”

“Have you any news for me dad?

“Yes we are meeting Antony Fernandez at three o’clock at our home.

“Is he coming with Jasmine, Gerry Asked?

“We don’t know but he is bringing his wife.”

“His wife as well; we may have a chance then. Was he angry when you spoke with him dad?

 No but he suspected that his daughter was seeing someone but he didn’t know who.

Go and get yourself ready Gerry we want you to make a good impression.

Help yourselves to drinks whilst I spruce myself up then .

Alice went to the kitchen and put on the kettle to make coffee for them.

Gerry stood in front of the mirror and shaved with a Gillette disposable razor then put on a white shirt. He took out his blue suit and picked out a nice tie he wore a pair of burgundy loafers.

He combed his hair then came down stairs.

What a transformation his mother said as she handed him a cup of coffee.

 Gerry went into the kitchen and came out again moments later with some Brown paper and some string. He placed the portrait of Jasmine onto the paper then carefully wrapped up the painting with bubble wrap before tying it with string.

This is a gift for her mother.

That is nice of you son; she will love it.

What time is it?

It’s two fifteen we better make tracks.

They headed out where a burgundy coloured Jaguar was parked outside. It was highly polished every week with car wax.

Gerry got into the front with his father after letting his mother in the back.

Jimmy Crow lived on Ilfracomb Gardens Whitley Bay in a large terraced house.

They had lived their over twenty years and knew all the neighbours.

The car pulled into the driveway and they all got out. Gerry carried the painting into the house

They sat waiting until they saw a black limousine pull up outside the house.

A chauffeur got out of the front to open the doors and out walked Antony Fernandez his wife Helen and Jasmine.


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