Jasmine by Moonlight

Two young girls on a caravan holiday meet two young lads from Whitley Bay.
One of them is a promising artist who works for his father who owns the rides in the Spanish City Amusement Park. This is a story of love and prejudice between a Multi millionaire Spanish father and the English Art Student. The father does not think that this man is good enough for his daughter, although he is married to a Scottish woman.


16. 16

Jasmine had enjoyed spending time with her grandmamma in Andalusia; she loved the countryside; the food and the tranquillity of the place. She missed Gerry though and wondered whether or not she should tell her grandmamma about him. She thought against it once she had seen her father with his mother. They were very close and he told her all his business. She would tell him and then he would put a stop to her seeing Gerry; like he had other boyfriends in the past. She hadn’t realised it then but she knew now, she was in love. It was real and nothing could stop the feelings that she had for Gerry. She had to somehow break free of her father; because he would never accept the relationship between them. Her father had been controlling influence in her life but no more she thought.

There was no television or radio so she spent most of the day either embroidering or helping her grandmamma with the cooking.

There was a small vegetable plot where her grandmamma grew her own tomatoes, lettuce, courgettes, aubergines, onions, and peppers.

Jasmine collected some vegetables and salad of each of the raised beds that her son had made so it made it easier for her grandmamma to cultivate.

Grandmamma made a salad with cooked chicken; then they ate a ragu made from courgettes, peppers, and onions, and black bream from the market.

Jasmine bought a book by Marina Cole from WH Smiths at the airport to read whilst she was staying with her grandmamma because she went to bed every night at ten o’clock.


When the time to leave came she was pleased because she would be able to speak with Gerry again; even if it was by telephone. It had been almost two weeks since she got back from her caravan holiday. The car arrived to take her to the airport; Jasmine kissed her grandmamma before she placed her case in the boot.

Her father said he would meet her at the airport which was over an hour away.

She waited in the lounge for her father who turned up late; they were checked in and then they boarded the private jet that her father had chartered.

The plane took off after clearance where it would take just under three hours to reach the airport in Edinburgh where a limousine would be waiting for them.

Her father only spoke briefly to his daughter during the flight because he was in conversation with his business partners.

He told her that he would fly her to Newcastle when she had to go for clearance at the university on Wednesday that week.

“I can go my self papa; I do not need you to hold my hand you know.”

“What did you say?

“I said I can go myself papa; Please do not embarrass me.”

“Alright, but you will have an escort to take you and bring you back.

“Well I was hoping to go to the Metro Centre in Gateshead to buy some new clothes.

“They can wait for you said her father.

Papa I am not a child anymore, please let me do this; I promise to be back before ten o’clock.


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