Drunk (Ashton Irwin fanfic)

They meet in a club, one's drunk, one's not. They spend endless nights together; sweating, grinding, heavy breathy, repeat. He's so drunk but somehow always comes back to her. "I love you Ashton" but his drunk mind doesn't remember her saying that...


4. Set Into Motion

*Ashton’s pov*

I woke up the morning after with the worst headache. I wasn’t super hung over, but it was still bad. I have tons of interviews today with the boys for promotion but that’s the last thing on my mind right now. I’m still pissed that Cindy...no wait, her name was Candice; oh whatever I don’t care. I’m still pissed that she just fucking left. This isn’t any Cinderella; she didn’t leave anything behind except all the scratch marks on my back. She’s a bitch, but I want to make her my bitch. I was soon interrupted by the dinging of my phone. I had multiple missed texts and calls, something must be up. I cleaned up a bit and headed down the hall to my band mates hotel suit. I knocked on the door and waited to be let in.

“Hey man!” Calum said as he opened the door for me

“Hey, what’s up?” I asked when I walked in and sat on the couch. It was silent for a minute until Michael spoke up,

“So who is she dude!?” he said giving me a slight smirk. Me being my stupid half hung over self, didn’t know what they were talking about.

“Who’s who...” I answered, trailing off waiting for they’re reply. Mikey grabbed his phone and searched on it until he found what he wanted and show me. It was a picture of me and what’s her name in the club last night.

“Oh her, yea she’s um...Katy, I think...I honestly don’t remember her name.” The boys all smirked then started high fiving me.

“Good find bro, she’s hot! Is she the new regular?” Luke asked taking a sip of coffee, I assuming because he was hung over too.

“No, not yet” ‘but she will be’ I thought to myself

Later that day the boys and I went to all our interviews and answered multiple questions, like usual. Some of the interviews asked about the picture of me and that girl and I of course just said it was photo shopped. All these interviews were pretty much the same except for our last one. As we were leaving I heard one of the girls, who interviewed us say something familiar,

“You don’t think Cassidy really let him take her home right? She’s not like that!”

‘Cassidy! That’s what her fucking name is, Cassidy!’ I thought to myself as I turned around and walked towards the girls who were talking and asked if they knew Cassidy. They said yes and that they were her friends; this could be my way in to fuck her again...I mean find her. I made up some lie about her leaving her sweater at my place, and they totally bought it. I now know her address and can go talk to her weather she likes it or not.


*Cassidy’s pov*

I haven’t gone out all day, one because I can’t exactly walk very well and two I have hickeys all over my neck. I should really be regretting last night but I’m not. The way Ashton made me feel was amazing, his hands on my body and his lips on my neck. I quivered at the thought of him, making myself miss his presence. That doesn’t mean I still don’t think he’s a complete dick, because I do. But his body hovering over mine is something I could get used too. My thoughts were rudely interrupted by my friend calling me.

“Hello, what’s up?” I could barely get my greeting out before she started talking at what seemed like hyper speed

“How could you go home with Ashton fucking Irwin and not tell me!? You have to inform me about these things, it’s not as fun finding out from twitter!” she stopped and took a huge breath assuming she ran out while talking

“What do you mean twitter?” I haven’t been on twitter all day but now I’m nervous to be

“Ya there are pics of you guys EVERY WHERE on there! But I have to go, my break is over but just a heads up I interviewed his band today and moral of the story he asked me for your address so he could return your sweater so be prepared” with that she hung up. My mind was spinning, but the first thing that popped up was, I wasn’t even wearing a sweater last night and second, I’m now stressing out and feel sick to my stomach. I know that any girl seen with a 5SOS member gets a shit load of hate, and I do not need that right now. Whatever I just won’t go on twitter for a few days and it’ll be fine! With that I turned on my TV and relaxed...until my door bell rang and I remembered that douche bag might stop by. ‘How could that not have sunk in earlier’ I thought as I got up and ran around like a crazy person trying to look presentable and cover my hickeys. I opened the door only be faced with my neighbour...asking to borrow two eggs. I gave him the eggs and sat down to continue my TV watching when the door bell rang again, I jumped up and answered it.

“You liar, I wasn’t even wearing a sweater last night!” I said assuming it was Ashton with my non excitant sweater, but of course with my luck, it wasn’t. It was the mail man with my delivery. I apologised and signed off for my package and shut the door.

Night time soon arrived and Ashton didn’t show up, I wasn’t shocked about it though. I got into my pjs and went to bed only to be awakened a few hours later. “What the fuck” I whispered to myself looking at the time. It was exactly 12:00am. ‘Who the fuck is throwing rocks at my window at midnight’ I thought as I went to investigate. I slowly pulled back my curtains to reveal Ashton, standing in my back yard. He said something but my window was closed, so for his benefit so he didn’t look too stupid, I opened it.

“Your name is Cassidy, you have a blog about bands, and you like late night adventures, so what do you say...?”


*Ashton's pov*

I stood in her backyard waiting for her answer like an idiot. I spent most my night trying to find her twitter account so I could find out what she likes and that was easy since her bio says pretty much what I just said to her tonight. I practiced that one line in the mirror for hours just to get it right, I figure if I charm her with a few “dates” she’ll be more willing to suck my dick all the time. But she does look cute with her hair in a messy bun, I won’t lie. To be honest, looking at her when I’m not drunk, she looks 1000x more pretty then I remember. Someone would be lucky to have her, too bad I’m taking her off the market to be my little fuck buddy. I mean come on, my band mates are all already jealous of her and they haven’t met her yet! I was in the middle of my thoughts when Cassidy’s voice brought me out of them

“Ok fine, I'll meet you out back in 5” she said

That’s all I needed to hear. My plan is now set into motion.

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